Monday, May 07, 2012

New shoes to fill, so new blog ahead...

It figures. The shoeaholic will be taking an exit to attend to another realm of her dramatic life - motherhood.

Who would have guessed that this day will come; My love for shoes has been taken over by another human being. Absolutely unthinkable! Writing used to be something so natural for me. So is the ability to wear heels and walk effortlessly without tripping. But all that has changed. Penning my thoughts used to be effortless and it feels like driving after the rain with the windscreen down enjoying the nice cool breeze blowing at my face. Simple Pleasures.

Where did all that go I've been asking myself. And i think I've been asking myself just that for the longest time and it wasn't until recently i 'think' i found some kind of answer; which led me back here.

I was lost, lost to an uninvited form of self consciousness that brought along a few other awareness such as thinking too much and blogging too little due to self doubt and worry (of what others may think of me). Somehow, being a mom to Caylee has saved my ass from any further attempt to live a life according to how others prefers. I do not wish for her to do so either and i would like to remember each and every step, big or small taken with Caylee wherever life takes us. I have finally decided that matters most now on will be everything that matters most for me and Caylee, thus the new blog as i bid my previous alter ego goodbye. The shoeaholic pens off here but will forever still holds strong feelings for her soles...

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