Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Caylee's Milestone (thus far)

24 weeks old

  • Recognizes and responds eagerly to familiar faces (mummy, daddy, grandma, grandpa and her daycare nannies.)
  • Rollover from back to tummy without much fuss by 4th month but still couldn't figure out how to roll back to back lying position.
  • Rollover to mummy's side to 'search' for milk at night (No longer needs to be held up during night feeds)
  • Will sleep through the night if room is dark and dim.
  • Refuses to wake up in the morning if room is still dark and dim!
  • Gives different vocal cues to indicate hunger, sleepiness and longing for cuddles. 
  • Gives out the most generous toothless grins without fail after waking up from nap or sleep.
  • Will do her No.2 whenever we chant the magical 'hmm, hmm....'
  • Listens and observes intensely to people talking.
  • Loves to watch Pororo the Korean penguin animation!
  • Squeals instead of laugh.
  • Babbles and does a lot of 'Pfffbbttt' wetting her own face and also the person's face infront of her!
  • Loves to suck her thumb, sometimes whole fist and even toes.
  • At teething stage and 'abuses' Sophie like no tomorrow but often end up crying in frustration from even sorer gums.
  • Prefers to be carried facing outwards.