Sunday, April 10, 2011

My first letter to my Daughter

My Dear Daughter,

I love calling you my daughter; daddy and i have been longing to have someone to share our lives with so badly and God who's always perfect in His timing, blessed us with you in my womb one fine day on September 2010. That very day, daddy and i finally understood the true meaning of unconditionally love.

How time flies, it seems like only yesterday i stood there, disbelief at result of the pregnancy test and then had your daddy to confirm that it's really a positive "+" sign we are looking at. I couldn't stop crying thanking God and i still do. Daddy and i started talking to you immediately, telling you how much we love you and pray hard to God that He will watch and protect you every single day. And we are very sure God is listening, because we have been witnessing His beautiful work on you from when you were only a size of a spec to your tiny but strong beating heart and feeling your strong kicks and movements as early as 15 weeks.

Daddy and i embraced every single moment of our pregnancy with you, taking photos of you growing in me every week, eating healthy, exercising and making sure we learn about all there is to help you grow till the day you arrive. Mummy didn't mind the morning sickness at all because it's a good sign of a healthy pregnancy and as though you are also doing your mummy a favor, you gave me flawless glowing skin! Even Dr.Choong who will be assisting mummy to bring you to this world complimented on mummy's good skin :) Mummy also didn't mind the few sleepless nights, because i know you are probably busy working out your little muscles. Your little kicks and punches also assures us that you are well and comfy. But i must say that i loved it most when you would listen to daddy coaxing you to rest so mummy won't fall asleep at work the next morning. You are such a good girl you know that? :)

Daddy and i are also very blessed to have many loving family and friends who offered us so much good wishes, valuable advice and support to prepare for your arrival. Just today, we took home a bag full of your clothes, bath tub and baby rocking chair, all handed down from your little God sister Jaevy and her lovely parents. You must remember to thank them personally one day alright my dear child? :) While doing so, don't forget to also thank God for His blessings and all the other wonderful people in our lives too.

As much as daddy and i look forward to the day of your arrival, we were often reminded by our birthing class educator Wai Han to cherish every moment we are having now till the day you decided that you're ready to come because you will only be knitted in my womb and be born just once in this lifetime. I'm so glad she reminded me of that, and it inspired me to write this little post for us, to document this wonderful journey of having you in our lives so daddy and i can read this to you once you are old enough :)

My dear daughter, while daddy and i could't promise all the worldly matter and things for you, we can however promise that you will always have our boundless effort in loving, caring, guiding,respecting and being there you always. Also remember that while daddy and i love you ever so much, God who's our creator loves us all even more. Whatever God has planned for us, daddy and i just wants you to know you have been such a wonderful blessing and you have brought us a whole new meaning to Life and Love. We pray that you will continue to grow strong and healthy under God's care in the remaining weeks to come.

With Love,
Mummy & Daddy

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Meet my little bunny ball ♥

So much happened is happening and so much i would very much love to blog about to track all the wonderful little memories that i've been gathering the past 7.5 months. Life's never been the same since God gave us a wonderful miracle (whom i hope shares the same shoe size as her mummy~)