Sunday, September 19, 2010

Almost Ready

It's been a while since i've updated anything on our new home since the last post (which i believed was also the first!) Though i haven't quite blog-cumented the progress like i intended to, i still managed to photo document the progress of how our new home is coming along.

The last few months consists of some serious interior design researching, color palette matching, furniture hunting and price comparing! We actually didn't realize the amount of work (& money) needed to fix up a home because our current apartment came almost full furnished. But we did alot of back breaking DIY redecorating like repainting the whole 2300sqf of walls. So we became smarter this time and decided to let the contractor do the physical work while we do the money saving part like getting the best price tag.

The thing we will probably missed most about our current home would definitely be the resort like environment; tennis court, swimming pools, palm trees right outside our patio and the grill-less concept. Not being able to take those with us, we adapted whatever that is possible - a tub!

When we went to check on the renovation progress, we were extremely pleased with how it has turned out. I can already imagine laying out some scented candles, jars of bath salt and home spa kit in there :)

My other favorite thing to shop for would be lights. We did most of our shopping around the lighting shops at Puchong because they have some really great stuff there for really compatible price. And we went there at least 3-4 times to complete our shopping because we couldn't find everything at the same time due to indecisiveness. The dining area light was the first one we picked out because i like the retro chandelier look and i like their RM280 price tag.

We initially planned to move in by this month it's not quite happening due to the delay in getting our fixtures in. We also haven't lifted a single finger on packing our things because hubba and i have clashing views on how to begin the moving. While he continues to under estimate the packing part, i've been quietly throwing things out and vacuum bagging some clothes. I'm sure he wouldn't notice a missing magazine or two!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Feet

When hubba got a new job a couple of months back, he promised to lavish me with a pair of shoes of my choice to celebrate. Since it's not everyday i can get hubba to invest on my soles, i did some homework and made sure it's a really special and comfy pair (which i usually can't afford! hehe...). Yes, it's important i can walk and almost run in those shoes so hubba will be convinced to buy me more comfy (& expensive) shoes in the future *grin* So what fit the bill of style and comfort for me?

Clarks, Auto Bahn Mary Janes ;)

It's RM308 and has officially became the most expensive shoe I've ever happily owned but hey, my hubba should be glad that i don't need diamonds to be THIS happy right *hehe* So anyways, the brown leather vintage mary janes screams heaven for my chubby wide foot. I would usually change into slippers once i step into the office but when i wear my Clarks, i didn't want to take them off and i couldn't stop staring and admiring them in between work ( i also caught some wandering eyes staring at them when i walk at the streets *beam* ). The fact that it's a present from hubba made me heart it even super more! And hubba is indeed please with my choice and satisfaction so i quickly took the opportunity to tell him how lovely, comfy and LESS expensive the Hush Puppies Manhattan Collection are. He cringed a little and went "WHATTTT?! you're thinking of another pair already?" He didn't say NO there, so i guess it's a pretty good sign eh? ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's been awhile...

And so much has happened i don't know where to start.

I finally realized that my lack of blogging has led to a problem; the ability to express somehow dies gradually. When there's no outlet for any mental and emotional expression, i find myself dwelling over nothing but sad issues. So, maybe if i let out more, i can make space for more happy thoughts?

Of late, i feel as though my life has entered another realm of reality check. I am still very much saddened by the sudden and mysterious lost of one hearing that did not quite recover. And to those who are close to me, they may know my other struggle to seek for something precious only God knows if me and my other half is deserving of.

Other times, I find myself constantly adjusting, adapting and obliging, although unwilling at times. I try my very best to put my whole trust in God and to have faith that He's got it all worked out for me. And just as i was contemplating on updating my Facebook Wall stating that i'm still waiting for a miracle, Ps. Kenneth posted this:

Kenneth Chin ‎2 Chron 20:17-22 is a word from the Lord today! I believe that no matter how IMPOSSIBLE it looks today, tomorrow can be COMPLETELY different - if we would just "Position ourselves" - in PRAISE! I encourage all who are believing for a miracle - especially those of us who are trusting God for DV - to say with all our hearts TODAY, "Praise the Lord, For His mercy endures forever!" Truly God is with us!

No more words needed. God has just reassured me through Facebook :)