Friday, July 09, 2010

To Jimmy Choo with ♥

A simple ordinary lunch hour with my fellow co-workers at Simply Penang Cafe turned out to be the ultimate highlight of my entire life... I met the God of Shoes - Jimmy Choo!

Shoeaholic's To Do List: Take a picture with Jimmy Choo - checked! ;)

My co-worker initially spotted him sitting at the corner right behind me and asked me to turn to see. I can't quite recall my initial reaction, but i did remember experiencing a combo of rapid heartbeat and cold sweat breakout because i so want to go up to my idol to tell him how inspiring and brilliant i think he is and do the whole ramble on aimlessly like a fool thing.

And of course, after much encouragement from my buds, i did just that. I can't quite recall the whole spontaneous rambling part, but i do remember his warm friendly smile and stunning grey eyes humbly thanking me for admiring his work (eventhough i told him i couldn't afford his shoes - yet) He then proceeds to pull the chair next to him for me when i asked for a photo with him. For the rest of the day I could feel my cheeks literally harden from all the smiling.

Later on, i realized i'd forgotten to ask for his autograph due to my nervousness :( Anyhow, i believe if i wish hard enough like before, i might get to meet him again or better yet, being able to afford his shoes and have him sign on them :) *mind powering that to reality* Believeeeee.... :) Meantime, i'll happily settle with DIYs~

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Shoe Shopping

Finding something on an unplanned shopping trip is always nice. I've always wanted to get some shoes from this rather new shoe shop called 'Summit' at 1U old wing but they always run out on my sizes. They have a pretty broad selections of shoes at a very affordable price and the best part is... they are actually comfortable!

So when i happened to pass by there, i couldn't help but wonder if i would be able to find some casual shoes to replace those worn out ones which i just threw out. And who would have thought... i managed to sweep up 5 fab pairs of casual shoes and sandals in a jiffy all priced between rm29-39. While making payment, the store asst asked me if i'd like to sign up for a member card cause it will give me a 10% discount for every pair. Savings on top of savings? Bring it on i say!

While waiting for my membership card, the sales asst returned and told me that i'm getting 30% off instead of 10% cause it's my birthday month! What can i say, Summit shoe shop just made my day and the days to come when i'm wearing those lovely new shoes. And if that wasn't enough, they gave me another 20% discount voucher for my next purchase. Definitely one of the best feeling ever~  :)