Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Only Numbers

A lovely gift from (02)0305

Time has been flying a little too fast for my liking of late. I use to be curious of the future; what it may bring and where it will take me. Turning three-oh was nothing like i expected 5 years back. I thought i'd be partying hard on it, celebrating a whole new digit that will last only a decade. Instead, i found myself sleeping in to catch up on some needed rest and hubba presented me with a lovely couple spa package at Royale Bintang Hotel. Both of us got some serious body scrubbing, boiling hot steam bath and massages for a good 2 hours. The remaining day was celebrated with my noisy family over curry fish head. All in all, i had a seriously well pampered time :)

With a new home coming along, hubba's new job and my new career challenges... turning 30 isn't as depressing as i thought it would be. My life right now is pretty much like a long haul plane ride; smooth & steady with occasional turbulence and air pockets, pleasant but still unpredictable. Am trying to do more with whatever time i've left but i know many things are not my call but His and whatever it is i'm given i will take it as a blessing irregardless.