Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fashion VS Feng Shui

Early on the year, i got some feng shui tips over the radio to avoid black nail polish because it attracts negative chi! But hey,if it's O.P.I glistening coal black, i think it should be inviting more of the fabulosity chi right? *Fingers crossed*


End up spending my saturday afternoon pampering myself to a DIY mani and padi. Ignore those premature aging dryness on my hand... ain't my 'coal' nails looking fabu? :) Btw, would you pick fashion over fengshui or vice versa?



mellomouse said...

not sure if your nicely polished nails caught my attention, or that super cute stiletto that did ;)

next project: how about some "french" coal?

Shoeaholic said...

Great idea! Coming up soon! ;))

Iva said...

I love your nails!! AND I adore that ring!! so super cute!! Hope you are having a nice weekend!!