Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fashion VS Feng Shui

Early on the year, i got some feng shui tips over the radio to avoid black nail polish because it attracts negative chi! But hey,if it's O.P.I glistening coal black, i think it should be inviting more of the fabulosity chi right? *Fingers crossed*


End up spending my saturday afternoon pampering myself to a DIY mani and padi. Ignore those premature aging dryness on my hand... ain't my 'coal' nails looking fabu? :) Btw, would you pick fashion over fengshui or vice versa?


For the Love of God, Shoes and Girlfriends

When life starts to get the better of you, there's only 2 things to do... Pray to God, and call the girlfriend(s) for a round of tension releasing cum bitching session. I believe it's actually better and much more effective than psycho therapy, so Lil and i did just that last Friday.

Lil: Hey, so 2nite wat time? Wat time u finish?
Me: After 6 lo. What time u coming?
Lil: Er, i can only leave bout 6.45
Me: Okla, i go shop for shoes first then. All my black shoes kaput edi.
Lil: Ok, just don't buy flats.
Me: Why not?
Lil: Aiya don't ask so much! I'm on my way ya...
Me: * wondering if Lil thinks my legs are short :/ *

I was obviously wrong. When we finally met, Lil shoved 2 bags of stuff at me with a cheeky grin and NAH! I browsed the content quickly and could feel my knees weakening


So yeah... too much delight all too sudden can actually cause rapid heart beat and slight dizziness, almost like caffeine overload on an empty stomach. Lil said it's an accumulation of my prev birthday, X'mas and ever so random pressies. I think we should do this more often, belated pressies are so much more fun! I super *HEART* them all Lil, thankchu thankchu!!! BIG FAT TEDDY BEAR HUG!!!

An ubber fabulous Salvatore Ferragamo Gold Shoeaholic Necklace!

Lil also slipped in some spiritual goodness on God's words :)

All the fabulous pressies aside. We caught up over dinner, chatting, laughing and bitching. We then proceeded to check out some Collagen products too. Yeap, who would have figured this day to come so soon, seems like only yesterday we were 18 and now we are checking out anti aging products and discussing about eye bags reduction too. But for once, i actually felt super good about it knowing i have someone to go through it with :) Another moment to be thankful for...


Busy picking up the pieces. Will be making a slow and steady come back.