Thursday, February 18, 2010

Last Chapter

So here am i, back from nothing but definitely with some interesting updates on my SNHL.

4 weeks into my hearing loss and several sessions of acupuncture, i thought i could hear some sort of buzzing translation of sound on my weak ear. Next few days the buzzing noise became tad clearer and i could pick up faint sound from the headphone and sounds that are loud or near to me. I immediately made an appointment with my doc, Dr. B at Sg Buloh Hospital to confirm my surprising slight hearing recovery.

Doubts and another hearing test
Upon meeting Dr.B and telling him my condition, he was adamant that i have confused my left hearing with the right ear. He said something about the brain adjusting itself and in other words, i'm imagining it!

At that point i must say that i have lost every single bit of confidence and trust with this so called doctor. He may be super friendly, caring and everything... but that's about it. End of story and i will be happy NOT to recommend him to anyone. Anyways, he proceeded to do a simple test which he did the first time he met me, muffle my right ear and whisper on my left but unlike the first test, i actually could hear this time!

Dr.B looked baffled and immediately sent me to do another audiogram hearing test with another doc. Again, unlike the first 2 i did weeks ago, i actually heard something on the left ear this time and i could see the lady doctor's face lit up when i responded to it.

Profound to Moderate
I wished i could show you the comparison of my first and recent graph results and how much improvement i've had but the doc refused to release my documents because he wants me back for a stream of other tests to find out the reasons of my improvement because he still thinks my condition is IRREVERSIBLE and i basically had NO chances of recovery. Having improved from the worst level of hearing loss to moderate was apparently 'miraculous' to him and if he finds out the reason, i will be first in the country (Malaysia) to recover from profound hearing loss and i could be on the papers too.

My thoughts
Honestly? I think Dr.B is taking me for a ride. I think he may have watched too much ER too. Unnecessarily dramatic and cheesy. I'm convinced he doesn't know what's wrong with me. And i'm also convinced he doesn't know enough to help me further since he used the word "Impossible". 

"Tell him it's JESUS!" was Lil's response while another friend went, "It's the acupuncture! It's working!!!" My say? Amen to that and that! Maybe it's true that this is as far as it goes for modern medicine. The prayers and words of encouragement i've gotten throughout has indeed led me to a believe that i will be healed. And guess what? I am healing... God is great indeed.

Goodbye Doc & Betaserc
So that was it. I never went back again for anymore guinea pig tests and i have also gradually stopped popping Betaserc because i realised that i had no vertigo but am still continuing with the Methycobal aka Vit B12 as supplement. Other than that, acupunture will be my weekly routine and i'm slapping my lazy self daily to keep up with the breathing and humming exercises every early morning because i read somewhere that it can calm the tinnitus which can potentially lead to some hearing recovery. Of course, not forgetting to pop those "P" Pills daily and deligently: Peace of Mind & Soul and Prayers.

Better than silence
The slight recovery may not be good enough for me to pick up crisps clear sounds, but it's much better that detecting total silence and do i missed listening with my left ear! The sound of a fluffy pillow pressed on my head, the light engage tone over the phone, the sound of water flowing down my head passing my ears is just fascinating as it is pleasing to my ears now. So true as the saying goes "You never know what you've got til it's gone".