Saturday, October 02, 2010

James 1:17

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Almost Ready

It's been a while since i've updated anything on our new home since the last post (which i believed was also the first!) Though i haven't quite blog-cumented the progress like i intended to, i still managed to photo document the progress of how our new home is coming along.

The last few months consists of some serious interior design researching, color palette matching, furniture hunting and price comparing! We actually didn't realize the amount of work (& money) needed to fix up a home because our current apartment came almost full furnished. But we did alot of back breaking DIY redecorating like repainting the whole 2300sqf of walls. So we became smarter this time and decided to let the contractor do the physical work while we do the money saving part like getting the best price tag.

The thing we will probably missed most about our current home would definitely be the resort like environment; tennis court, swimming pools, palm trees right outside our patio and the grill-less concept. Not being able to take those with us, we adapted whatever that is possible - a tub!

When we went to check on the renovation progress, we were extremely pleased with how it has turned out. I can already imagine laying out some scented candles, jars of bath salt and home spa kit in there :)

My other favorite thing to shop for would be lights. We did most of our shopping around the lighting shops at Puchong because they have some really great stuff there for really compatible price. And we went there at least 3-4 times to complete our shopping because we couldn't find everything at the same time due to indecisiveness. The dining area light was the first one we picked out because i like the retro chandelier look and i like their RM280 price tag.

We initially planned to move in by this month it's not quite happening due to the delay in getting our fixtures in. We also haven't lifted a single finger on packing our things because hubba and i have clashing views on how to begin the moving. While he continues to under estimate the packing part, i've been quietly throwing things out and vacuum bagging some clothes. I'm sure he wouldn't notice a missing magazine or two!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Feet

When hubba got a new job a couple of months back, he promised to lavish me with a pair of shoes of my choice to celebrate. Since it's not everyday i can get hubba to invest on my soles, i did some homework and made sure it's a really special and comfy pair (which i usually can't afford! hehe...). Yes, it's important i can walk and almost run in those shoes so hubba will be convinced to buy me more comfy (& expensive) shoes in the future *grin* So what fit the bill of style and comfort for me?

Clarks, Auto Bahn Mary Janes ;)

It's RM308 and has officially became the most expensive shoe I've ever happily owned but hey, my hubba should be glad that i don't need diamonds to be THIS happy right *hehe* So anyways, the brown leather vintage mary janes screams heaven for my chubby wide foot. I would usually change into slippers once i step into the office but when i wear my Clarks, i didn't want to take them off and i couldn't stop staring and admiring them in between work ( i also caught some wandering eyes staring at them when i walk at the streets *beam* ). The fact that it's a present from hubba made me heart it even super more! And hubba is indeed please with my choice and satisfaction so i quickly took the opportunity to tell him how lovely, comfy and LESS expensive the Hush Puppies Manhattan Collection are. He cringed a little and went "WHATTTT?! you're thinking of another pair already?" He didn't say NO there, so i guess it's a pretty good sign eh? ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's been awhile...

And so much has happened i don't know where to start.

I finally realized that my lack of blogging has led to a problem; the ability to express somehow dies gradually. When there's no outlet for any mental and emotional expression, i find myself dwelling over nothing but sad issues. So, maybe if i let out more, i can make space for more happy thoughts?

Of late, i feel as though my life has entered another realm of reality check. I am still very much saddened by the sudden and mysterious lost of one hearing that did not quite recover. And to those who are close to me, they may know my other struggle to seek for something precious only God knows if me and my other half is deserving of.

Other times, I find myself constantly adjusting, adapting and obliging, although unwilling at times. I try my very best to put my whole trust in God and to have faith that He's got it all worked out for me. And just as i was contemplating on updating my Facebook Wall stating that i'm still waiting for a miracle, Ps. Kenneth posted this:

Kenneth Chin ‎2 Chron 20:17-22 is a word from the Lord today! I believe that no matter how IMPOSSIBLE it looks today, tomorrow can be COMPLETELY different - if we would just "Position ourselves" - in PRAISE! I encourage all who are believing for a miracle - especially those of us who are trusting God for DV - to say with all our hearts TODAY, "Praise the Lord, For His mercy endures forever!" Truly God is with us!

No more words needed. God has just reassured me through Facebook :)

Friday, July 09, 2010

To Jimmy Choo with ♥

A simple ordinary lunch hour with my fellow co-workers at Simply Penang Cafe turned out to be the ultimate highlight of my entire life... I met the God of Shoes - Jimmy Choo!

Shoeaholic's To Do List: Take a picture with Jimmy Choo - checked! ;)

My co-worker initially spotted him sitting at the corner right behind me and asked me to turn to see. I can't quite recall my initial reaction, but i did remember experiencing a combo of rapid heartbeat and cold sweat breakout because i so want to go up to my idol to tell him how inspiring and brilliant i think he is and do the whole ramble on aimlessly like a fool thing.

And of course, after much encouragement from my buds, i did just that. I can't quite recall the whole spontaneous rambling part, but i do remember his warm friendly smile and stunning grey eyes humbly thanking me for admiring his work (eventhough i told him i couldn't afford his shoes - yet) He then proceeds to pull the chair next to him for me when i asked for a photo with him. For the rest of the day I could feel my cheeks literally harden from all the smiling.

Later on, i realized i'd forgotten to ask for his autograph due to my nervousness :( Anyhow, i believe if i wish hard enough like before, i might get to meet him again or better yet, being able to afford his shoes and have him sign on them :) *mind powering that to reality* Believeeeee.... :) Meantime, i'll happily settle with DIYs~

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Shoe Shopping

Finding something on an unplanned shopping trip is always nice. I've always wanted to get some shoes from this rather new shoe shop called 'Summit' at 1U old wing but they always run out on my sizes. They have a pretty broad selections of shoes at a very affordable price and the best part is... they are actually comfortable!

So when i happened to pass by there, i couldn't help but wonder if i would be able to find some casual shoes to replace those worn out ones which i just threw out. And who would have thought... i managed to sweep up 5 fab pairs of casual shoes and sandals in a jiffy all priced between rm29-39. While making payment, the store asst asked me if i'd like to sign up for a member card cause it will give me a 10% discount for every pair. Savings on top of savings? Bring it on i say!

While waiting for my membership card, the sales asst returned and told me that i'm getting 30% off instead of 10% cause it's my birthday month! What can i say, Summit shoe shop just made my day and the days to come when i'm wearing those lovely new shoes. And if that wasn't enough, they gave me another 20% discount voucher for my next purchase. Definitely one of the best feeling ever~  :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Only Numbers

A lovely gift from (02)0305

Time has been flying a little too fast for my liking of late. I use to be curious of the future; what it may bring and where it will take me. Turning three-oh was nothing like i expected 5 years back. I thought i'd be partying hard on it, celebrating a whole new digit that will last only a decade. Instead, i found myself sleeping in to catch up on some needed rest and hubba presented me with a lovely couple spa package at Royale Bintang Hotel. Both of us got some serious body scrubbing, boiling hot steam bath and massages for a good 2 hours. The remaining day was celebrated with my noisy family over curry fish head. All in all, i had a seriously well pampered time :)

With a new home coming along, hubba's new job and my new career challenges... turning 30 isn't as depressing as i thought it would be. My life right now is pretty much like a long haul plane ride; smooth & steady with occasional turbulence and air pockets, pleasant but still unpredictable. Am trying to do more with whatever time i've left but i know many things are not my call but His and whatever it is i'm given i will take it as a blessing irregardless.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fashion VS Feng Shui

Early on the year, i got some feng shui tips over the radio to avoid black nail polish because it attracts negative chi! But hey,if it's O.P.I glistening coal black, i think it should be inviting more of the fabulosity chi right? *Fingers crossed*


End up spending my saturday afternoon pampering myself to a DIY mani and padi. Ignore those premature aging dryness on my hand... ain't my 'coal' nails looking fabu? :) Btw, would you pick fashion over fengshui or vice versa?


For the Love of God, Shoes and Girlfriends

When life starts to get the better of you, there's only 2 things to do... Pray to God, and call the girlfriend(s) for a round of tension releasing cum bitching session. I believe it's actually better and much more effective than psycho therapy, so Lil and i did just that last Friday.

Lil: Hey, so 2nite wat time? Wat time u finish?
Me: After 6 lo. What time u coming?
Lil: Er, i can only leave bout 6.45
Me: Okla, i go shop for shoes first then. All my black shoes kaput edi.
Lil: Ok, just don't buy flats.
Me: Why not?
Lil: Aiya don't ask so much! I'm on my way ya...
Me: * wondering if Lil thinks my legs are short :/ *

I was obviously wrong. When we finally met, Lil shoved 2 bags of stuff at me with a cheeky grin and NAH! I browsed the content quickly and could feel my knees weakening


So yeah... too much delight all too sudden can actually cause rapid heart beat and slight dizziness, almost like caffeine overload on an empty stomach. Lil said it's an accumulation of my prev birthday, X'mas and ever so random pressies. I think we should do this more often, belated pressies are so much more fun! I super *HEART* them all Lil, thankchu thankchu!!! BIG FAT TEDDY BEAR HUG!!!

An ubber fabulous Salvatore Ferragamo Gold Shoeaholic Necklace!

Lil also slipped in some spiritual goodness on God's words :)

All the fabulous pressies aside. We caught up over dinner, chatting, laughing and bitching. We then proceeded to check out some Collagen products too. Yeap, who would have figured this day to come so soon, seems like only yesterday we were 18 and now we are checking out anti aging products and discussing about eye bags reduction too. But for once, i actually felt super good about it knowing i have someone to go through it with :) Another moment to be thankful for...


Busy picking up the pieces. Will be making a slow and steady come back.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Last Chapter

So here am i, back from nothing but definitely with some interesting updates on my SNHL.

4 weeks into my hearing loss and several sessions of acupuncture, i thought i could hear some sort of buzzing translation of sound on my weak ear. Next few days the buzzing noise became tad clearer and i could pick up faint sound from the headphone and sounds that are loud or near to me. I immediately made an appointment with my doc, Dr. B at Sg Buloh Hospital to confirm my surprising slight hearing recovery.

Doubts and another hearing test
Upon meeting Dr.B and telling him my condition, he was adamant that i have confused my left hearing with the right ear. He said something about the brain adjusting itself and in other words, i'm imagining it!

At that point i must say that i have lost every single bit of confidence and trust with this so called doctor. He may be super friendly, caring and everything... but that's about it. End of story and i will be happy NOT to recommend him to anyone. Anyways, he proceeded to do a simple test which he did the first time he met me, muffle my right ear and whisper on my left but unlike the first test, i actually could hear this time!

Dr.B looked baffled and immediately sent me to do another audiogram hearing test with another doc. Again, unlike the first 2 i did weeks ago, i actually heard something on the left ear this time and i could see the lady doctor's face lit up when i responded to it.

Profound to Moderate
I wished i could show you the comparison of my first and recent graph results and how much improvement i've had but the doc refused to release my documents because he wants me back for a stream of other tests to find out the reasons of my improvement because he still thinks my condition is IRREVERSIBLE and i basically had NO chances of recovery. Having improved from the worst level of hearing loss to moderate was apparently 'miraculous' to him and if he finds out the reason, i will be first in the country (Malaysia) to recover from profound hearing loss and i could be on the papers too.

My thoughts
Honestly? I think Dr.B is taking me for a ride. I think he may have watched too much ER too. Unnecessarily dramatic and cheesy. I'm convinced he doesn't know what's wrong with me. And i'm also convinced he doesn't know enough to help me further since he used the word "Impossible". 

"Tell him it's JESUS!" was Lil's response while another friend went, "It's the acupuncture! It's working!!!" My say? Amen to that and that! Maybe it's true that this is as far as it goes for modern medicine. The prayers and words of encouragement i've gotten throughout has indeed led me to a believe that i will be healed. And guess what? I am healing... God is great indeed.

Goodbye Doc & Betaserc
So that was it. I never went back again for anymore guinea pig tests and i have also gradually stopped popping Betaserc because i realised that i had no vertigo but am still continuing with the Methycobal aka Vit B12 as supplement. Other than that, acupunture will be my weekly routine and i'm slapping my lazy self daily to keep up with the breathing and humming exercises every early morning because i read somewhere that it can calm the tinnitus which can potentially lead to some hearing recovery. Of course, not forgetting to pop those "P" Pills daily and deligently: Peace of Mind & Soul and Prayers.

Better than silence
The slight recovery may not be good enough for me to pick up crisps clear sounds, but it's much better that detecting total silence and do i missed listening with my left ear! The sound of a fluffy pillow pressed on my head, the light engage tone over the phone, the sound of water flowing down my head passing my ears is just fascinating as it is pleasing to my ears now. So true as the saying goes "You never know what you've got til it's gone".

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year, New Challenges

10 days medical leave officially over and i'm heading back to my favourite place tomorrow - work. Went for a really painful chinese massage yesterday to rub off the steroids side effects; muscle ache and joint pain. The sifu did a fanstastic job popping every point of my bones and even started on my first acupuncture treatment for the tinnitus. The results? Still humming, but the pressure and ear fullness is actually gone, not sure if it's really from the acupuncture or my salt free diet. So i went back there again for my 2nd acu and i met a lady born with tinnitus in BOTH ears. Though her hearing is fine, she has to deal with the constant annoying 'insect calls', she describes.

I am still adapting to single sided hearing and still hopeful that i will recover some if not all of my left hearing. In the meantime i am doing some serious housekeeping with my diet so i do not aggravate anything further. If you're wondering how i feel about all these, well... let's just say i'm coping. I could talk about my deafness openly now without breaking down so i think i am making steady progress. I even made my first sarcastic deafness remark today! So proud!

I was at the market buying some meat balls. I called out to the politely vendor like 3-4 times to pack me a bag of meat balls and he ignored me period. It wasn't until the stranger beside me went "Wow, he is so totally ignoring you!" that i actually realised it and i raised my voice "HALOOO... ONE PACKET PLS?!" Then i turned to hubba and said "And I thought i am only DEAF one here!" Get it? I am really the deaf one! LOL... nvm.

So yeah, i'm cool. Will be awhile until i can safely say i'm okay. Until then i am thankful for everything now irregardless of some lost. I was watching Enchanted over TV this morning and a phrase somehow spoke to me: "We all have bad moments in our life, but do we give up the good ones? NO..."

Monday, January 04, 2010


2 weeks ago i was happily enjoying my 1 week break from work to concentrate on my new home buying prosedures with hubba - the bank loan, mortgage, renovation ideas and expenses etc.etc. I was having one of the greatest week in the year and was looking forward to start the new year fresh with bigger things to accomplish and achieve. However, it wasn't quite the case for me.

Without clear signs or warnings, i suddenly loss my left hearing. I went to the clinic only to be given some cold medicine which did not work at all. On the 2nd day, i went to another clinic and doc advised me to see the ENT immediately. When the ENT specialist saw me, he directed me to do TWO hearing tests which didn't give favourable results.

PROFOUND hearing loss.

The doc then directed me to be admitted immediately as he suspects a serious viral infection or the worse possible - Acoustic Neuroma - A non malignant tumor that grows in between the inner ear and brain. So within 24 hours, i was admitted, jabbed with steroids, antibiotics and so many other pills while waiting for my MRI. I can't quite recall anything from the wait, for some reason, i wasn't even in a clear enough mind to worry if i'll get a tumor. I was more bothered with the fact that im not able to hear people or tell which direction a voice or sound is coming from. When the nurses speaks to me from my bad ear in a polite voice, i wanted to scream at them. I became a one ear bitch overnight.


Just to cut things short, the results came out clean. No tumor nothing. It is a fascinating but scary sight - the brain. Because once you see how complex it really is and how many important organs and senses are directly connected to it, you'll be immediately thankful you didn't bang your head too hard during last nights party.

Viral Infection and SSHL

So the final medical conclusion turns out to be some viral infection which came and went with my inner ear nerves damaged and resulted to the sudden hearing loss (SSHL). So my hearing is limited to only the right ear now and i have the following problems:

Can't tell the direction of sound. No left just right and unless that person is really on my right!

Can't seave the fore and background sound. For instance, someone talks to me face to face and someone talks in the back; they sound like they are coming from the same person. Now imagine 3 more people talking n laughing elsewhere and i'll wish for a gun in my head if not theirs.

Tinnitus - A constant buzzing, ringing and random funky crackling noises that goes on in my deaf ear 24/7. Put this with the undefined noise from my right ear and i feel like jumping off the nearest ledge.

Down in the dumps but hopeful. I can't imagine what it would be like without hubba's support and care during the past few days along with all the encouraging and super supportive messages that i got and really helped me through. I hate the idea of being a burden to anyone but i guess it's really not up to me to decide. I will be hopeful and positive but am seeking a little time, space and understanding to my 'new' condition. Am currently on 5 different drugs and 2 of it will carry on for another 27 days. This is my 3rd day on it and already my knees and hips feels like tearing from the sore tightness. Please be patient with me.