Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December has been...

5 years of 'Against some or all odds'
The ride hasn't always been smooth or enjoyable but there's definitely something worth holding onto. This year's celebration is somewhat different but memorable. No flowers, no champagne, not even a little 'It's our anniversary' card.

Have we grown out of it? I hope not... we were actually too bogged down with some serious decision making that comes with a hefty price tag, a brand new home. As i've blogged about it previously, we were still deciding on which area we can somewhat imagine ourselves living in, and after days of countless calls, findings and viewing, we have decided that Indah Residence is for us.

So last weekend we brought my parents there to get their opinion and they liked it as much as we do, especially the gated and guarded compound. After spending some hours thinking and comparing, we finally decided that this is it for us.

No.7, the number of Perfection.

If all goes well (the renovation, furnishing and every single detail of making a home liveable) we should be moving in next June. Hubba and i are currently excited just looking for inspirations to design our home without burning a hole in our pocket. And i must add that calling up my mom's old friend to be our agent is probably the smartest thing i've ever done because he has been super duper helpful and efficient in getting our lawyer paper work as well bank loan options all lined up for us to choose. The 2nd smartest thing i've done is probably taking this whole week off to enjoy this whole home buying process.

On another note, here are also some recently accomplished X'mas DIYs for my lovely friends & coworkers. I've been planning them for the past few months as i didn't really want to do the last minute thing i always do every year! So this year i took the whole personalizing to another level by shopping in advance and designing little gift tags for the gifts!

I also slaved myself in the kitchen until 1.30am in the morning baking cupcakes and decorating them for our small little lunch party in the office. Flavor of the day - Orange Poppi Cupcakes with mint butter cream icing! I got rave reviews for it as it's not too sweet for 2nd and 3rd helping! ;)

Infact, i gotta sign off now to make a 2nd batch for some family friends. Here's wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year! XOXO...

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Mission: House Hunt

So yeah, hubba and i are finally making plans to move out from our cozy little den to something landed because we needed the space for an impending family expansion. Hubba has also been deligently doing his homework online to find something that is within our budget and also working area. And after reading what Mr.Kok has to share from his finding, i thought i'd do a little review on mine too! :p

We actually went to check out a couple of developments but my personal favorite amongst all would be Indah Residence, Kemuning Utama by Paramount Homes and Topaz, Putra Heights by Sime Darby.

(Top) INDAH RESIDENCE (2,126 sq.ft) , Kemuning Utama by Paramount Homes (Lower) TOPAZ (2,100 sq.ft) , Putra Heights by Sime Darby

I haven't got any photos of the IR houses because we thought we could visit some showroom units to see the built up but the guards told us that all showroom units has been SOLD OUT and we will need to contact the agents to take us to the selling units for viewing. So we drove around the area somemore and saw a FOR SALE unit with an agents name and contact number ( Francis - 012-3739929 )

So i called the number to inquire the price of the unit that he was advertising for and proceeds to ask him if he have other units for us to choose from. He then said he has a few other units and the price is at RM430,000 onwards. So i asked him if it's possible to set a day for viewing the unit and he started to talk 'funny' and said:

"I actually brought someone there to look at the unit earlier, and the viewers wanted to negotiate the price... i mean if RM430,000 is not really your budget then i think it's really no point la~"

DIU&@^!&#@#* since when agents can talk to their customers like that?! I literally went WTF that very instance and blasted back at the motherfucker: "Yes, i asked you for the price FIRST right? And now i am asking you to take us there for viewing because i want to see what RM430,000 LOOKS like if i were to PAY for it right?!"

All i know is that he can kiss his business goodbye as we got another SUPER efficient and friendly agent to deal with right now, infact hubba and i have decided to let this agent sell our apartment too! And a last note to Francis: "Pick up some PR skills for goodness sakes!"

Okay, back to our house hunting again. We then proceeded to check out USJ Heights and ended up at Putra Heights instead. And our meandering drive led us to the discovery of Topaz & Amber houses by Sime Darby!

We found a unit with it's price listed online and are planning to get our agent source out more options for us. The workmanship of the houses are pretty good! And although it's a link house, we really like the amount of space around the area, the roads are wide and the back lane is of a good and comfortable distance. Fingers crossed that we will get a great deal from either sides soon! *excited*