Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Long Winded Post

So what's me been up to during the month long disappearance?! I've been busy catching up with all the good & glorious things in life that coincidentally begins with the letter "F" - Friends, Family & FOOOOD!!! Will share some of my little discoveries with you and since i'm not some pro food blogger, forgive the personal, direct and point blank reviews!

Secret Recipe's
Apple Cheese Cake
*** Stars
Verdict: definitely going back for more!

Some Thai Restaurant @ Kepong
Thai Dishes
**** Stars
Verdict: Amazing Thai dishes & environment, just like eating @ Thailand!

Gasoline @ Look Out Point
Western Dishes
No Stars
Verdict: Most F***ed Up Food and Service in my entire lifetime! No more next time *tatas*

*Nice view though*

Bubba Gump @ the Curve
Western dishes and everything shrimp!
** Stars
Verdict: Would have been crappy if i haven't tasted Gasoline's crap before. Edible but nothing to shout about, service is messy but they really try! No more next time *tatas*

Kampar Claypot Rice @ D'sara Jaya
Famous for claypot rice
**** Stars
Verdict: Never been a fan of claypot but after tasting this i went back for the 2nd round the very next day only to be disappointed because they close on Weds!

Tony Roma's @ E-Curve
Ribs, Seafood & Steaks
***** Stars
Verdict: SUPER BIG ASS THUMBS UP!!! I'm so totally INLOVE with the Shitake Mushroom Beef Burger!!! It was huge and i actually finished the WHOLE thing myself because it was seriously YUMMY! Hubba ordered their ribs and was still mumbling on how great it tasted when we were going to sleep!

Yup, that's about it! Besides that, i finally got my other wisdom tooth extracted along with RM600 from my wallet *bleeding gums & pocket* I finally decided that i've been procrastinating long enough and that i'm gonna get this over and done with. Shockingly, the last i've checked, my first surgery was exactly a year ago!??! OMG... and i thought i only did it like a couple of months ago!? Anyways, this extraction is so unlike my first, everything about it spells P A I N !!! From the injection to the whole ordeal of drilling, sewing and post surgical pain. After 3 days now my right jaw is still sore as heck and the 5 course antibiotics is making me sick to the core! :(( Even my tooth is fugly that i couldn't show anyone without making anyone cringe and gag. Ah well... *switches to happy thoughts*

Over lunch last weekend a colleague asked if i've heard about this Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition in KL. I was like; *HUR* you sure?! How come there's no promotion whatsover?! Funny part was, someone actually asked if he got it wrong for the VINCCI shoe instead! So i googled it and to my surprise it was really true!

Being skeptical of the limited promotion on the event and having to actually pay for it, i googled a little about some people's feedback and most of them actually commented that it's worth visiting despite the overall science centres poor maintainence and un-scientific-ness! Without any high expectation hubba along with some friends decided to go check it out last Sunday irregardless.

So off we went... and upon arrival at the entrance of the Science Centre we immediately felt like we have traveled back into the 80's in a time machine. There was this squeaking robotic penyu amongst the dusty fake jungle as you enter and every single thing in there was extremely LOW TECH and OLD! I mean, where can you still find poster colored exhibits being used these days?!

Anyways, there is this one very important thing i thought i should share with you and that is the ticket charges of the exhibition. Being Malaysian, i am always suspicious of the charges implied especially when it's locally organised. I don't know why but i always have this gut feeling that they are there waiting to cheat my money! And despite doing all the findings and research about the ticket charges this time, we're still in a way - cheated!

Yes, i dare use the word CHEAT because i feel the organisers deliberately hid the special rates information from the public just so we would all stupidly pay a flat RM25 each. A lady even mentioned in her blog that she was charged RM90 for her entire family when she could have just paid RM70 for the family package for 2 adults and 2 kids. At the counter i asked the guy in charge about their "Group Purchase" and he shove me the card that was hidden behind the counter (click to enlarge)

We were like "WTF?!" Astro and TM subscribers gets to BUY 1 FREE 1?! Why the heck did they not say so in their website?! By that time we already bought our tickets and could only stare stupidly at each other. So we sucked it up and cursed our way in anyways. So people, BRING your Astro and TM Bills there if you intend to visit the exhibition!

We had to take a little walk to see Da Vinci's great work but along the way our appetite were pretty much ruined by the ticket purchasing experience and the whole poorly maintained so called science centre. We try to console each other that we still get to buy SOME of their merchandise for 50% off. And this is what you can find amongst their range of items.

Yeah, pretty lame. They have some kinda contest to win some money if you purchase and take a lame photo of yourself with the ruler of Mona Lisa's seductive stare. But you gotta pay RM3 to get your photo taken on top of the RM? you need to pay for this plastic ruler. Again, beware of that 50% discount deal, not everything is entitled the discount, only RED MARK items aite!

Okay, back to the main focus of the visit; to see Leonardo's great inventions and work of art. I must say that eventhough the featured work are all replica's it was still worth it. It's amazing to have the opportunity to take a peek into the mind of an inventor, artist, scientist, engineer, sculptor, anatomist, biologist, musician, architect, philosopher; all in one Rennaisance Man!

My favourite part of the exhibition was definitely the Mona Lisa section. There was SO MANY hidden secrets and details in the painting and even the back of the painting holds a whole lot of history! Yup, you will also get to see the replica of Mona Lisa there - front and back with at least 90% similarity to the actual one i was told.

Spent a good 2 hours in there marveling at Da Vinci's masterpieces and also pondering on his great quotes and state of mind through all the amazing things he has done. All in all it was an exhibition truly worth visiting! *Unlimited Stars*