Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Making an Eternal Pledge? (I will try)

Overheard the DJ saying something about asking all Malaysians to make a pledge to make this country and whatever good that it has left a better and safer place for ourselves and our future.

*Laughs cynically* but proceeds to listen on give this suggestion some thought.

My best friend from the hood is due to bring/brought a new life to the world today. I was equally excited and haven't been sleeping well the past few days just being anxious and excited for the mom and dad to be. In fact, quite a number of my pals are having their mini me's and one guy even said that from the day his son was born, he and his wife immediately vowed to be better people themselves. Talk about a life changing experience.

I can't say i can relate, but i think i understand the impact of responsibilities one willingly holds to protect the ones they love. Having said that, i think we should all think about love in the aspect of respect and appreaciation, not just the flesh and blood way.

"Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself"
Leviticus 19:18

This verse has always been behind my head but never quite gotten out until today. I think Ms Ang, my Year 4 class teacher planted it in there somewhere along with other verses knowing that it will come in handy for me sometime in life.

I won't deny. I've been so consumed with bitterness the past few months due to a pebble in my shoe which won't go away.

Unfortunately, not all big ass pebbles are this comfy and useful.

The result of the bitterness has led to me to the lack of thoughts, inspiration and motivation in every single thing i do. Of course, i am only wallowing in self pity. I know my dad will surely tell me that there are a million other people who would want to trade for my so called burden and i am allowing a pesky individual eat me up?

Ah, almost 30 and still not that wise.
"When we meet horrible people in our lives, it teaches us only two things; To be a better person or be twice or more horrible than them."

I often end up with the second one only to feel horribly bad and incompetent. I wish i could firmly make a pledge to change my ways, and what better day to pick than this auspiciously date that represents eternity. So for the sake of the future of my family, friends, loved ones, their loved ones i pledge to be a more patient and forgiving. I'm done with this angry battle and i think i'm finally winning.

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