Sunday, September 06, 2009

Finally, a post on shoes!

Since my on and off disappearance due to this never ending life sucking routine called work; i think my shoe fetish spark is finally making a slow and steady come back. If you've read a really old post of mine about CROCS, you will kinda have an idea about how much i despise their fugly round clumsiness. But since then, they have been working hard to please CROCS bashers like me and have designed a broad range of more decent styles. Just like this one below:

The Malindi range selling @ a hefty RM129

Anyways, i thought they are pretty cute, and i can imagine the comfort because i own a pair of Sketchers pumps which i got for a pretty good price at Taiwan 2 years ago.

But then again, you know me. I am the probably the cheapest shoeaholic in town/universe. I can love something to death, but i love my money more. With commitments of bills and mortgage i guess i'll probably not come close to Jimmy Choo's and Louboutins any time soon. (I said -soon, not never)

So being me, i always go for more affordable alternatives and this time i did it again at the second best shopping haven besides Petaling Street. I present you...

The Pasar Malam
(Night Market)

Yeap, it's ALL 'Crocs' alright! Made for cheap asses like me, wrapped in pull string bags and even tagged with the brand label! I was kinda dazed from the broad range but only one caught my attention and that is the Malindi leopard pumps!

Oh yes, they feel deliciously comfortable for RM35~ Will definitely go back for the Rio range next round!


Sharon said...

They definitely have good pair of Crocs there. I loved the leopard pumps too! Hope you're enjoying it!

Shoeaholic said...

You should get them! It's sooo comfy! :D