Sunday, June 28, 2009

There will never be another

August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009
-Forever to be missed, Never to be forgotten-

On 29th October 1996, i was amongst the 80,000 other privileged MJ fans, screaming his name and singing along to all his songs. My uncle who was a die hard fan got my brother and i the most expensive tickets to 'witness' the King of Pop because, "it's now or never", he said.
I won't deny the fact that i'm saddened by his passing. I was only singing to 'Billy Jean' two days ago and hubba attempted a corny 'Loh Lei Jin' parody. I grew up knowing his music before i could even recite my ABC's. My first introduction to Michael Jackson was from 'We are the World' and the rest was history. Having the chance to watch him perform live was unimaginable, I couldn't sleep the entire night after having seen THE one and only Michael Jackson LIVE and i failed my commerce papers the next day with superb flying colors (so worth it!). I believe i was left awe-strucked for a couple more weeks and the experience still seemed surreal to me until this day.
Anyways, I hope you find eternal peace now MJ, rest well and thank you once again for everything! xoxo.

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mellomouse said...

he was amazing. and that was a good video :)

whether he is, hopefully his soul may rest in peace.