Sunday, June 07, 2009

Taking my time

"My obsession for flats continues despite life's daily commitments and struggles."

Over the week, 3 more pairs were added to my foot vault. Amongst the 3 lovelies, the left was redeemed with cash vouchers and the right was a super duper generous gift from a buddy while the one in the middle was bought for 50% off. I was asked numerous times of the amount of shoes i have; to be honest, i really don't know as i never bothered counting them cause it's not like i'm attempting to break any record. So it'll probably remain a mystery for awhile ;)

Besides the new shoes addition, i also had another digit added to my age (along with the usual suspects).

For some reason, i'm a little (just a little...) perturbed by the fact that i will soon fall out of the 20's category. Did some check-listing of my achievements thus far and am feeling the intensed short of time and stamina to catch up and catch on. Some friends of my age had steadily started their family of little ones while i am still steadily doing freeze jumps photos and leaping off boats. I guess i've subconciously given up on chasing time and have decided to live as though everyday's the last. I think I've been laughing alot more lately, feeling loved and loving more. It's a good feeling to have the ability at times to place all of life's unpleasantness in the misery box and put off with a wishful yet harmless hope that it will eventually dissappear in time. People often think that one will instictively grow up as they age. For me, growing up means learning to take control of our emotions, weaknesses and making decisions that we are willing to bear full responsibilities of. I think i still have some distance to go but we all have our time, and i think we all deserve to take our time.

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