Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flowers, check! Shoes, check! Dresses...?


was my initial reaction when hubba asked me this question after driving for about 2.5 hours away from home and was about to turn into Tangkak toll upon arriving at Muar.

Yes, i forgot to pack my dresses into the car and i am the maid of honor for Vincey's wedding. Incidents like this only happens in dreams or nightmare rather... not to real life situation and certainly NOT to vain dudettes like me. But it really did happened and i spent a moment of silence in attempt to not throw a crazy 'bf' or leap out of the moving car.

After overcoming the difficulty in breathing, i started thinking of a backup plan of not having to attend the wedding in my PJs. After making some frantic SOS calls, i was saved for the evening with Lil's help by passing some dresses to Jo who will only be leaving for the wedding the next day. So half my dilemma solved and upon arriving Muar town at approximately 8.30pm, hubba and i explored every visible boutiques to get me a dress that must fall within the wedding color scheme... Pink, Peach, Salmon.

The experience to shop under pressure and limited option was super intensed and not recommended for the weak hearted. I could almost feel my stomache churning with an impending IBS attack! Too too much! After about 3 shops, i found a magenta pink slightly oversized dress that made me hubba RM100 poorer. So not worth it but i was hungry, tired and emotionally drained having to accept the sad fact that my lovely dresses are sitting lonely at home with no where to go... sigh. But i got over it pretty quickly cause it was afterall my buddy's BIG day and the last thing i want was everyone to fuss over me while we should be fussing over the bride. So, one great unforgettable story added to tell her kids next time... "Neh... that aunty there forgot to bring her dress to mummy's wedding!"


mellomouse said...

omg! you really got to be kidding rite? good thing everything worked out *phew* i would have gone crazy hehe

Shoeaholic said...

unbelievable right?! LOL... yeap, thankfully worked out better than i imagined! ;)

Lilian said...

yah yah yah. u shld be thankful that theres someone out there 10 times more vain than you and could hardly sit in that dress and standing moments can only be upright n nothing it can someday fit u in it. hahahah...