Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ending = New Beginning

Finally, a new banner and shouts 'HOME' for me. It took me approximately 15 minutes to throw some of my fav shoes about and take a photo of it with my bloated feet.

I'm feeling more like 'it' now, i think i'm finally getting my voice back.

I was Lost...

But now i'm found.

My brief disappearance led me to do some serious 'sole' searching. I am going through 'that' phase in life; opting flats to heels because i'm starting to enjoy comfort to elongated legs. People tell me that they didn't realise i am actually this short. I think they meant 'petite'. Still, i am unperturbed.

I continued my journey of flats and soon i find myself wearing just that. I looked at my abandoned heels, not a tinge of sadness or urge to slip them on. I suddenly find myself walking faster, walking further, walking more. Sometimes i dance my way up and down the stairs (Audrey style, because she rocked the pumps and flats like no other).

I have to admit that i once feared wearing flats and pumps because i thought it will eventually lead me to granny panties. (But the granny panties do come in such range of fabulous embellishments and colors, i really don't mind splurging on 'em one day!) Meanwhile, I hereby present you my top favourites! :D

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Something is...

Different / Unusual / Wrong / Right / ( Please Suggest )

I can't decide. New blog make over coming up. All these sweetness is giving me a headache.