Thursday, April 23, 2009


Sorry guys, am having some serious blogger's block of late. No shoes, no stories, no inspirations. Just something random discovery and would like to share with ya'll, enjoy!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I'm back, but not for long

I've been so bogged down with work and all sorts of happenings in life that it's not funny anymore. I don't find myself smiling, crying or complaining. Just zooming with time and savoring every precious moment in life. All the speeding time had me made some serious decisions too (well, not really actually) I am at serious crossroads now. Still so, so, so... undecided about certain stuff as a matter fact.

So, in the midst of being fickle, i went ahead with other decisions. Got the sudden haircut (which not only i didn't regret but ended loving soooo much) and bought a trip to Phuket end of April *jumps and prance in joy* The thought of it makes my heart flutters like i'm surrounded by a dozen of pretty shoes. Meantime, gotta catch my sleep so i won't end up like that dude at work tomorrow morning!