Monday, March 02, 2009

Oh Shite!

As i was mundanely going through my mails and monthly bills i was shocked to find a PINK letter. Literally the 'shit' bill reminder of an overdue Rm100+ payment since April 2008.

Why did i say i was 'shocked' leh? Because i ALWAYS pay all my bills on time. But juggling so many bills monthly and manually, i thought i might have unintentionally left this one out by mistake. But still, how could i have overlooked this for so many months?! But i didn't think much about it and quickly logged onto the online banking to pay up.

As i was just about to hit PAY, i noticed that my registered bill number is different from the printed one, suspicious as i already was, it suddenly hit me that the nameless bill could be a mistake...

and i was RIGHT!
The one digit difference that almost robbed me broad day light!

Fuiyoh *wipes sweat*... i almost paid RM144 for another fella's 'shit'. It pisses me off when people don't pay their Indah Water bills because they are the reason we are not drinking our own crap. Anyways... i thought i'd anonymously leave a little message before sealing the mail back and returning it to the rightful unit.

And while everyone keeps saying we can ignore Indah Water because they don't seem to do anything, i on the other hand beg to defer. I remember reading a full spread article about the nature of their job and that is to clean up our SHIT and crap like wrongly disposed sanitary pads and gazillions of condoms that gets clogged in the sewage tunnel. They do the job to make sure our water resources are not contaminated by our own crap! So people, unless you can put a cork to your "x", you better pay up k!


project3 aka Kennie said...

self shiok sendiri. aiyah its a "SIGN"

Shoeaholic said...

dun get your meaning uncle kennie