Sunday, March 01, 2009

A little bit of here & there

I can't believe its March already. Almost a quarter of the year is gone and i haven't really found any real time and moment to blog and spill my heart. Take for instance the X'mas pressie i got from my ever so fabulous artist friend. I've been meaning to rave about this special one of kind present that i got, but due to the amount of back to back happenings this photo ended up sitting inside my folder along with other mementos for the longest time. But it's finally here and yes, it's painted especially for me for obvious reasons! ;)

Pretty neat huh? But wait... there's more! Sometime last year another dear friend got me a bar of soap as a gift (because it reminded her of me - again for obvious reasons) *Heart*

And since it's already March one must be thinking that i have probably added somemore shoes to my existing collections right? WRONG! To begin with, i have been extremely deprived of SHOE shopping since i can't remember when. The styles i find are either utterly boring or ridiculously expensive just because it's some freaking brand. Anyways... i was told that the mega sales are hitting the malls this month so i shall remain hopeful until then.

So what else have i been up to beside yearning for new soles and drowning in work? Well, hubba and i have finally completed repainting our pad a couple of weeks ago and the final makeover stage now is to decide on which stencil art to go with our interior. Lotsa lotsa research needed as it will be hand painted permanently to complement the furnitures. While we were recommended the option of wall decors, i am not sure i like the sticker effect on my wall, thus the decision to hand paint it instead. Some ideas below...

Wall dilemma aside. I have added another addition to my 'Project Love' collections for a friends wedding last February. The bride sent me a photo of a bright pink and cream mixed bouquet. First look i thought to myself, the outcome can either go real jinjang or Martha Stewart.

Thankfully it turned out A-okay. As a matter of fact, this particular bouquet got the most compliments by far. The decisions to use the bright pink mini carnations was rewarding as it kinda resembles the rare and expensive ranunculus!

While i was at Singapore last December i got this really funky animal and X'mas shaped pastas from MUJI. I finally have the heart to cook and eat them yesterday *sob* Not so sure if i will ever find them again, i made sure i have photos to remember them by. Are they freaking cute or what! Oh yes, they are scrumptious too! :*

Okay peeps, I'm just gonna cut the cord here for now, gonna oogle at some fab shoes and styles before i get knocked out by my flu medications. Happy March~


ifa said...

DANG!!! i've always wanted to paint my bedroom wall!!! OAO but then my mom will go berserk xD hmm... i should try and persuade her again this coming term break >8D ................... OMG TERM BREAK!!!


Designer Shoes Lover said...

Hope you recover from the flu! Love your blog and that shoe shaped bar of soap! Where can I buy that? I'm a fellow shoe addict. I recently released an shoeaholic article that you will love! Would luv your feedback!

Feel free to blog about it and use any of the pics.



Anonymous said...

More inspiration for your wall art, found some cool decals here:-