Monday, March 09, 2009

If i could lay my hands on these babies

I actually did! Guess which one! ;)

I can't stand it anymore. The variety of shoes in KL are boring the heck out of me and my desperation has led me to an alternative shoe shopping source; online shopping. I have gotten some stuff online before but never shoes because my feet is a fussy lot. But hey, if the style is as good as the price offered online, i really don't mind giving it a go. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it FITS and looks as good! *nervous*


Eve said...

I agree about the crappy/boring shoes in KL. Those shoes are a beaut wei...

little mei said...

nahhahahha XDXD
the grey one? ;)

i love Lenka's song =DD
you should listen to skipalong and knock knock and oh! trouble is a friend ;)

Lilian said...

share the site pls. i also wana buy.