Sunday, February 15, 2009

Literally Full-Filling!

No, i haven't been hiding myself nor bloggertiring because of the stalker episode (I have placed a voodoo cursed on the stalker, so he should be having nightmares every now and then - evil LOL-). As a matter of fact, i have been too lazy to do anything since the CNY hol's because i was busy indulging myself with FOOOODDDD!!! And the result of all the non-stop-stuffing-myself-fat, 3 grand kilos to the ass and hips. But you know what... it's all worth it when you have family and friends laughing and getting fat with you :) So, here are some of the highlights of my delectable documentations! *WARNING* Not for the hungry or dieting individuals!

CNY dinner, Klang Palace Restaurant @ Centro Mall
Hubba loved the food at this restaurant so much since attending one of our friends wedding there last 2 months that he took both our families there for a grand CNY treat. Granny being the real picky eater even helped herself with second servings of everything!

Chap Goh Meh Family dinner
My super mom flaunting her best dishes again on Chap Goh Meh. The delicious food took some pain away after having lost quite a bit of money to dad in a game of black jet *sob*

Jason & Vincey's CNY open house
Wine, food, mahjong - need we say more?

Home cooked V Day 5 course dinner
Not bad eh? It tastes as good as it looks *hehe* And since i whipped this 2 pax finely grilled to perfection meal with wine for under RM60, i have all the bragging rights!

'Devil Eggs' appetizer

Jeti Seafood Lunch @ Kuala Selangor
I swear the lamb is still digesting from my stomache! This morning 3 cars convoyed from Sunway to Kuala Selangor for a trip of some serious seafood and i shall leave the photos to do the talking because i think i need some ENO now.

Cousin's home cooked 5 course dinner
My baby cousin brother who's studying culinary whipped up an amazing 5 course dinner for the whole family. We are so freaking proud of him man! Although i'm on the verge of burping through my nose, i had fun calling out: "WAITER, more wine please!"

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