Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If you want a man dead, just pull the trigger. If you want to finish up a woman, rob her integrity?

I was taught by my grandmother that women holds unbelievable strength and endurance. She knows no limit when a challenge is posed at her and if she must jump during desperate measures to save herself or anyone she loves, she will do it without a heartbeat. Having said that it is also easy to drag a woman down; break her heart, rob her innocence.

It's amazing how women are designed to be tough like leather and yet tear up like paper. While one may think vulnerability is a weakness but it is in fact a sign of hope that amongst mankind, compassion and humanity still exists.

Having experienced violation to my personal life lately, i can almost relate to what the assembly woman Elizabeth Wong is feeling right now. I said 'almost' because i will never be able to relate to the disbelief, disappointment, humiliation and anguish that she must be going through. I'm not speaking about the political aspect of things now, i'm speaking as a woman in Malaysia and on behalf of all the other women who are at equal risks of such sexual violation.

Really, whoever who did this to Eli; they have just booked themselves first class seats to hell along with our country's to-be-burnt-in-hell-politicians. I will still remain hopeful for the few good men who are fighting a hard battle for the citizens rights and corruption free days. Especially those who have sacrificed so much of their personal life to make a stand and take action all for a better tomorrow.

I believe in justice, i also believe in judgment day; but not by men. What doesn't kill us, will definitely make us stronger and in this dark times we should look out for the brightest stars.


mellomouse said...

very well said!!

Benjamin. E said...

I agree with this article wholeheartedly. I read Elizabet's letter on the NST and hope that she'll be recovering soon.

Shoeaholic said...

Mello: Unfortunately whatever said couldn't be generated into some sort of actions. We as women must stand up for our rights and humility!

Ben: Hello there! :) I hope so too. But being the tough assembly women that she projected herself to be, her resignation sure came as a shocker to me. I mean, i thought she's a tougher cookie than this :/