Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!

I'm not very good with those chinese mumbo jumbo auspicious wishes but here's wishing everyone a firm and great strong year ahead! May your stomach always be full and pocket forever loaded with moolahs and last but not least, be spared of bullshit and whatever not!
Gong Hei, Gong Hei~~

I got a feeling that it's gonna be a delicious year!


ifa said...

happy chinese new year joanne!!!!

p/s i love the kirsty maccoll song on your blog! O_O/

wavey said...

Hi Joanne, Happy Chinese Niu Year :) I'm not good with CNY wishes, but.. yea, may you have a great year ahead. :)

Btw, ur character for your music playlist... are u rilakkuma's fan?? i LOVEEEEE rilakkuma, he is super adoreable :)

Shoeaholic said...

Ifa: Thanks for the wish Ifa :) Don't you just feel like dancing with super high heels with that song?! ;D

Wavey: Thanks! You too... i bet you're loaded with angpows hur... *hint*hint*
I had no idea of that rilakkuma character, i just thought dat fella goes pretty well with my overall color scheme XD

waver said...

Heh, u are totally wrong! SO LITTLE ANG PAO THIS YEAR!!!!! :(

and i read ur recent post about the stalker, omg, so freaky la that dude. he is sooo desperate!!!! good that u have ur hubba to protect you :) take good care! :)