Friday, January 30, 2009

And it all adds up

I'm taking a big risk doing this post... for VERY obvious reasons. But i'm going to do it anyway because i am going to put an END to it.

Early last year i got a phone call from a man - MULGAN. He called me at my office asking for me but when i wasn't around to pick up his call, he kept pressing my colleague to give him my hp number because 'he lost my contact'.

My colleague said he sounded 'pushy' thus told him to call back later or she will have me return his call instead. I returned the call. And he claimed to be an owner to a restaurant and I was referred by someone to his restaurant for a 'complimentary meal'. I was of course all up for the free meal and subsequently told him that i will probably drop by with my husband for lunch. Then, the strangeness begins.

"Oh... you're married?!" he sounded surprised.
"Why? Is there problem?"
"Oh, no, no... just that you sounded young..."

I immediately sensed something fishy with this MULGAN. My instinct tells me that this guy is so freaking lying about me being referred by someone. And this invitation to a free complimentary meal is an excuse for god knows what. I immediately sounded disinterested with the invitation and proceeds to turn it down. MULGAN on the other hand was pretty adamant to have me visit his restaurant. He said there will be wine, then he asked me if i like wine. I said No. He then said they have children meals too, then he asked me if i have kids. I said No and as he continue to question and probe me further i knew i will never ever go to this restaurant. That was a year ago.

Many months later, i remember returning home from running errands during a hot sunny afternoon. I was home alone because hubba was on a business trip overseas. Then i got a call at my hp and it was a PRIVATE no. Thinking that it's probably hubba, i picked up the call that i would usually ignore and on the other line was this strangers voice. He asked me who i was. I was already burning from the afternoon heat and to be asked this question further sparked my nerves.

"You called this number and you don't know who's on the other line?!"
"I know you're Joanne, but may i know which Joanne are you?"
"Who are you?"
"Which Joanne is this? Joanne from where may i ask?"
"Just tell me who - are - you?"
"I'm Mulgan. and I sell cars. Maybe we have dealt before?"

It then crossed my mind that maybe i might have met him before since i've been about checking out cars and it was only recently i traded my car for a new one. But i just wanted to cut this creep off.

"No. I believe you got the wrong number. Bye."
"Oh... Cause i have other businesses as well, i also run a restaurant. Could it be that you are referred to my restaurant for a complimentary meal?"
"The restaurant? Yes, you called me before and i told you, i am not interested so thank you."
"Ahh...yes, Joanne. Are you free to drop by for a complimentary meal? We have wine, do you like wine?"
*curses in my heart* No... i don't like wine. And i am not FREE so i will pass so th.."
"Are you free later today for dinner perhaps?.."

For some strange reasons i immediately felt spooked and stared outside the window because i swore this guy sounded as if he knew i am alone at home.

"NO. NO. NO. I'm NOT interested OK? And i can't talk now because... i'm DRIVING! OK? So thanks but NO THANKS! BYE! *click*"

Then last Saturday i had a little drama at my apartments parking bay area. I went to renew my annual parking lot and i was told that i was late thus the lot was taken up by someone else. Before i could move my car to another spot, my car got clamped and i had to go through a whole freaking fuss to have the management unclamp it without fining me because i was also informed super last minute that my lot was taken up.

Anyway after some yadas and me almost killing this effin' clamping supervisor for wanting to con me off RM50, my car was unclamped with a few bosy witnesses glaring down from their units. I then proceed to wash my car at the washing bay and just as i was about to finish a black car drove by the dude called out to me and asked me what that was all about because he saw what happened and he thought that was my parking all along.

Thinking that this bosy dude was just being concern (because we are after all neighbours from the same block) I proceed to rant to him about my parking lot being rented out and i am left without a parking.

"Oh... i see. You know, i actually have an extra parking indoor and if you like, i can rent it to you."
"Oh?! Really? How much are you renting it for?"
"Well... you give me a price cause you probably know better. How much are you paying for this parking, then you can pay me the same."
*thinking to myself - it's my freaking lucky day because indoor parking usually costs double!* "Oh... that's great. Which floor is your parking?"
"It's just there, at level 3, it's pretty near to you unit.."
*thinking to myself - how does he know which unit i'm staying at* "I see..."
"Tell you what, do you want to take a look at it now? Or maybe later?"
"Later would be good."
"Sure, no problem. Maybe i'll give you a call later and we can arrange a time for me to show you the lot. This is my namecard. What's your name btw? *takes out his mobile*"
"Joanne. My number is XXX. *looks at the card* Thanks again yeah err... Mulgan. You don't need that parking lot for yourself?" *thinking that the name sounded awfully familiar*
"Yeah, i have another parking lot and my car is usually parked at showrooms. I sell cars :)"

Lightning & Thunder !!!

That's the guy. The same guy who's been stalking me all along! He knows where i work, stay and even what time i leave and reach home too because he can see me from his unit! I knew there are no such BENEFITS falling from the skies! And this dude here thinks i am that freaking BLUR to add it all up! I ran back and quickly told hubba about it. He cringed a little at it but mostly told me to not worry about it and ignore all calls from him. Which i did when he did called later that evening. I turned down this offer and uncomfortably squirmed myself out from his attempted conversation over the phone.

The last thing i can remember him said to me over the phone was:

"So okay, you take care there Joanne. Maybe we can meet up one day."

I never felt so violated and insecure in my entire life! I felt uneasy just standing by the window or leaving my apartment. I was even on the verge of quitting my blog because i think this stalker might know about it too.

But after thinking about it for a week now. I've decided to NOT change a thing but instead BLOG publicly about that so each of you will know about this and if anything were to happen to me *touchwood*, i have you all as my witness.

I have also decided that i won't be afraid of this creep and if i ever see him in my face again, i will have no choice but have my 'weapon' ready to greet him. I pray the day doesn't come or else someone will get hurt.

If you would like his name & number, i will happily give it to you too, just drop me an email or sms.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!

I'm not very good with those chinese mumbo jumbo auspicious wishes but here's wishing everyone a firm and great strong year ahead! May your stomach always be full and pocket forever loaded with moolahs and last but not least, be spared of bullshit and whatever not!
Gong Hei, Gong Hei~~

I got a feeling that it's gonna be a delicious year!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dot or Hole?

A white dot on a black surface.
Looking through a narrow pipe.
The moon at night.
A drop of white ink.
A punched hole.

It really depends on what one can or chooses to see right?. Multiple view point can really distort or suggest something new to a picture, but i feel it's unnecessary that one distorts their views just to hurt another's feelings or proof that they are smarter. *just a thought*

Sunday, January 18, 2009

If i had to pick a color

Only been 18 days to a brand new year and my heart is already as heavy as the world. I cannot find my usual self anymore and i am contemplating a bloggertirement due to some personal matters. (Yes, i am after all human and i do have personal issues incase one think my world revolves around nothing else but shoes.) I guess at some point, we all face similar paths and destiny; life and death. And it's strange how suddenly everything around us seem to matter so much and that you actually have so much memory of something when you were told that time is running out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wedding Marathon

All within a week!

2 good buds and a cousin got hitched just days apart and i almost ran out of dresses to wear! In fact, the invites are still coming, but the most anticipated wedding would be one in less than 6 months time :)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Beat, Broke & Bitchy

Because my 1 week hol's have officially ended and i haven't really done or slept as much as i was planning to. Instead, i was so freaking busy buzzing from here and there, running errands, trying to get that damn leak at my apartment fixed; WHICH btw, is still NOT FIXED in anyway! *fuming*

And the crappiest part of the holiday is always not resting enough from the post holidays blues and getting right back to war work zone the following day... which explains the bitchiness. Infact, i'm pretty sure i'm NOT the only bitchy one around.

I got innocently F-ed by some cranky old man at the supermarket just now JUST because i almost took his freaking cart by mistake (because i thought it was abandoned as its DUH - empty!) You think i'm really that low of a freaking life going around stealing a lonely cranky old dude's cart? I apologised furiously even when he roared at me by surprise "HeEEeEEEYYYYYYY!!!!! That's MINEEEEEE" . I turned around and sees an old man zooming towards me from no where and for some strange reasons, i quickly raised my hands as though a gun was pointing at me! "I'm sorry, it's an honest mistake because i thought this EMPTY cart belonged to no one... "

"NO, NO, NO" the bloody old fark rudely accused me. "YOUuUUuuu think it's soooOOooo convenienttttt... farkfarkfarkfarkfark..." and freaking disappears to hell.


Will post more about the past festivities soon; weddings, weddings and more weddings! The highlight? My fabulous RM8 shoes and hubba's RM29 sandals!!! Yeappp... the shoeaholic does it again!!! Wheeeee!!!

So freaking cheap that i have to grab all the colors, so i got Vincey the white ones and me the black! Woootttss!!!