Sunday, December 14, 2008

I can't think of a title

I woke up this morning slightly confused because i've been waking up to a hotel room the past few days at ungodly hours of 6am for 5 days straight for ACM Siggraph S'pore. So i'm naturally relieved to know that i'm actually snuggling under my own sheets without having to rush to anywhere! And when i say rush, i mean RUSH in every single way. Rush to the conference, rush to eat, rush to pay, rush to the toilet and even rush to cross their freaking road because the drivers would be honking at slow paced crossing pedestrains even if the traffic light indicates the pedestrain walk! They certainly lived up to their kiasu trait!

But despite all that, i did manage to grab myself these lovelies for S$23 at Bugis street. I know... they were so similar to these right? :p But they were so pretty i couldn't bring myself to dirty it, so i grabbed these grey ones for wearing purpose!

Perfect for X'mas :)

Alritey, so much for me to catch up on with work since i was gone for so many days *sigh* I only have shopping to inspire and motivate me now while i keep my fingers crossed with all the deadlines that's being thrown at me before 2008 leaves *gulp* Oh, if you're wondering why my posts have been in shades of grey lately... well, it's all by coincidence... or perhaps, that is really how i'm feeling subconciously?

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