Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Pretty Nice 'Sheet'

*When a Tuesday afternoon sucks, ogle at lovely gift wraps*

When i was a little girl, my mom said i have a pretty sick fetish for wrapping things. So serious to a point where by the house keys and grandma's purse had gone missing, only to turn up nicely wrapped and put away inside the fridge. Obviously, i don't remember doing that, but i do remember the excitement i have for gift wraps, not the presents... just the wrapping!

When i grew older, I would wrap all my school text books with gift wraps and then protect it with another layer of clear plastic sheet, hiding the book interface forever and ever. The more i hated that subject, the nicer the wrapper would be... some kinda psychological thing i invented to encourage myself to study *hehe*

As excited i am about Christmas, i'm really looking forward to my serene gift wrapping nights again, carefully matching the colorful sheets with the pressies for those special peeps in my life :) and of course, see them TEAR it up excitedly... *fulfillment *hmmmm*


eva said...

hey joanne!!!

dropping by ur blog again, guess what! i love wrapping papers too!

and i have love wrapping all my text books, text book ori cover just suck. and yes, it encourages me to study. i don't know why, but it worksss!!!

Shoeaholic said...

wow! so nice to meet a similar kind! and oh... i forgot to mention that all my books have great second hand value too! XD

Anonymous said...

hey, just a reader passing thru...anyway, i myself have a fetish on wrapping things too! omg, i'll wrap all the new novels that i bought just so i wouldn't ruin it and i love buying christmas wrappers! sometimes i just buy it and never use it cos i like the design haha! glad to hear someone that shares the same interest.