Monday, November 10, 2008

Just my 'Type' *literally*

Often times friends would forward shoe related stuff to me *so sweet & thoughtful i know*, but this particular one that Ammer Mia shared with me just tickles my fancy too much and i gotta share it with the rest of you too ;)


mellomouse said...

*wide eyes mystified*

ooo i love this too! ok joanne, i expect some serious use of this typeface for a major remake of your shoeaholic logo. else it wouldn't do Zummi any justice ;)

Eve said...

So YOU la.

Shoeaholic said...

mello: makeover on the way! ;)

eve: wont deny XD

little mei said...

this is the link ;)

go crazy with the link!
you'll thank me for sure ;)

mellomouse said...

yippie! can't wait, can't wait! ;)