Sunday, November 30, 2008


i've been doing some thinking about my life; thus the lack of personal view points and expressions of thoughts. I'm not entirely happy now, but when the clock strikes midnight tonight, i vow to be an optimistic person.

Goodbye November, Happy December.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Random Love: Blossom Pendant features contemporary glass art
and handmade glass jewelry by artist Izik Levy.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Pretty Nice 'Sheet'

*When a Tuesday afternoon sucks, ogle at lovely gift wraps*

When i was a little girl, my mom said i have a pretty sick fetish for wrapping things. So serious to a point where by the house keys and grandma's purse had gone missing, only to turn up nicely wrapped and put away inside the fridge. Obviously, i don't remember doing that, but i do remember the excitement i have for gift wraps, not the presents... just the wrapping!

When i grew older, I would wrap all my school text books with gift wraps and then protect it with another layer of clear plastic sheet, hiding the book interface forever and ever. The more i hated that subject, the nicer the wrapper would be... some kinda psychological thing i invented to encourage myself to study *hehe*

As excited i am about Christmas, i'm really looking forward to my serene gift wrapping nights again, carefully matching the colorful sheets with the pressies for those special peeps in my life :) and of course, see them TEAR it up excitedly... *fulfillment *hmmmm*

One Month until X'mas!

And i'm as psyched as this little girl...

I wish i could blog about the things i'm getting my friends for X'mas but because most of them reads my blog, then it's not such a great idea anymore. But i can however say that i'll be 'personalising' this year. Probably from an oven or my mom's sewing machine (which i'm still scratching my head over...) Of course there's that lucky someone at my work place whom i've drawn from the lots to buy their wishlist gift... which i already have! *excited*

Sunday, November 23, 2008

An unusual sunny Sunday

I woke up this morning feeling extremely content from maximum Sunday sleep i've had, looking forward to collecting my *heart* dress from Just's Wardrobe @ Uptown before stopping by the store to grab some groceries for bakuteh night :)

It was pleasantly sunny today and after picking up my dress, i thought i might as well drop it off at the cleaners to have it dry cleaned. I've always gone there for my dry cleaning but my visit there today was unsual sunny too.

The lady behind the counter has the most distinct looks and 'style'... She had so much makeup on and her eyes were stark fake blue. She picks up my dress and starts rotating it about to check for any stains or tear...

"Ah, you just had this altered yea *looks at the tag* Just the other day a lady had a satin dress altered and it was ruined by sewing machine oil... no amount of cleaning can remove oil and water stain!"

Who would have known... from that little chat she initiated, i ended up knowing that she's 51, mother to 3 grown adults, a 9 yr old boy, grandma to 2 grand-daughters, divorced at 26, fought for her childrens custody, made money by selling makeup and dresses to night club performers, became a catholic, bumps into her first love again, got married to him and stayed married until today *phew* so much more i left out... And I can't believe it's only been about 35 minutes.

I really enjoyed listening to Dorothy's story despite the fact that i was already running late for lunch, i think she was also in the mood of reminiscing her past with a total stranger and what better day to do so than on a sunny Sunday... :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cupcakes that makes you go: Oh & Ah!

I baked some cupcakes to compliment Oh&Ah's opening day last weekend and i am pretty darn proud of the results and also the fact that i didn't make a total mess with my kitchen *Heh* I hereby proudly presents my butter and choco chip cup-loves...

I spent exactly 6 hours only to bake and decorate 40 cups and by the end of it all i was so freakin' beat (can't imagine what it is like to do 100!!!) And as i gawk at DeeWee's ability to mass produce the numbers of cupcakes, i spotted her red KITCHENAID Artisan Series Mixer!!! I went OMG... where did she get that, cause i'm pretty darn sure it's non existant in this silly country. And as efficient as always Kannie Pop quickly help me to inquire the source and found out that Mrs. Kannie Pop got it from S'pore.

i'm actually flying down to Singapore next month *WOOHOOO* And I'm so getting the turquoise one!!!

But the BAD NEWS;
that mixer weighs more than 10 freaking kilos!!!!

*big fat sigh*

So now, i'm seriously thinking of ways i can 'divide' this burden... i'm also going around begging people who will be traveling with me to help out. One of them demanded FREE CUPCAKES in return for the favor... so i hereby promise i will give him FREE CUPCAKES for LIFE if he really does lend me his muscles! HAHAHA..... Puhleaaasseeeee helppp laaaa people....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Economy Crisis = Less Shoes?

Oh deary me, this piece of news from The Star surely did not fail to capture my attention!

Shoe industry feels the impact of global economic meltdown

Nanyang Siang Pau reported that the shoe industry was feeling the pinch of the global economic meltdown as sales have dropped by about 25% since Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

The daily quoted Malaysia Shoe Industry Association president Ding Zen Ming as saying that the impact of the economic slowdown was still not bad this year but would worsen next year.

“In the past, female customers will buy an average of 10 pairs of shoes every year but they only buy seven pairs this year,” he said.

First of all, i really don't believe that a shoeaholic's lust for shoes would be perturbed by the economy. Infact, it has never crossed my mind about shopping for less shoes because i'm what... about to go broke? I mean, what kinda horrible excuse is that?! I would choose to have bread over a cheesecake anytime. But cheesecake over shoes?! *NEVER* I would rather starve whilst looking fab and you can always count on shoes because they never make you fat!

I'm surprise not only by the claims from god-knows-what shoe shopping survey that women has shopped less because of the economical crisis, but also Malaysia has a Shoe Industry Association?!? Since when??? And what the heck do they do??? Sometimes when you see the kinda shoes they choose they sell, it's a no wonder we buy lesser 3 pairs a year right?!

Now... where do i write in to apply for a job there?

Painfully Creative

You know how they say that beauty comes with a price and pain is often associated with it? Gwendolyn Huskens a student at the Design Academy in the Netherlands couldn't have proof that point better. She brilliantly designed 6 pairs of 'Medic Esthetic' footwear using all the elements from well, medical aids! For once, i really don't mind wearing a cast, prosthetic or bandages! XD

Gwendolyn Huskens collection of medical inspired shoes
image © renĂ© van der hulst

Out with the old and in with the New!

Since i've been getting the blogging block lately, i figure i might as well try again with a whole new look and feel. Bear with me while this blog goes through a complete makeover.

(Psst... What'da'ya'all think of this look anyways?) :|

Monday, November 17, 2008

Life, Love, Laugh

I finally did the photo shoot i've been meaning to with Lil and her golden doggy; Powder. Since i haven't been blogging actively, i guess i have find another outlet of expression.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Just my 'Type' *literally*

Often times friends would forward shoe related stuff to me *so sweet & thoughtful i know*, but this particular one that Ammer Mia shared with me just tickles my fancy too much and i gotta share it with the rest of you too ;)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Random Love: DIY Lomography

I'm laying off shopping for a bit to save up some serious moolah for a semi-major renovation and makeover for my apartment. Having said that, i have managed to temporarily hypnotized myself into believing that i have ENOUGH of shoes and clothes to last me for the next 3-4 weddings, parties and whatever not. Very challenging, but the whole vision of a freshly painted pad and new bathroom is just too delicious.

At my most vulnerable stage, came the evil temptation, dubbed as 'the ancient goddess of the moon'; Diana.

The strong and random hue got my weaker side and i find myself googling for the price already. Result; not cheap at all. And i smack myself awake from the lust and said "Shit, Joanne... haven't you heard of Photoshop?!" So with some desperation cum lust, it taught me a little more about being thriftily resourceful and it led me to the discovery of some funky Photoshop Actions!

Polaroid, Lomo, Vintage... i happily savour myself with the digital funk without having to spend a single cent. Happy, happy!!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

All I want for X'mas is...

...that bag, that top, THAT, THAT & THAT!

Wheeeee... Oh&Ah is back with more goodies!
Further info available HERE! :D

Sunday, November 02, 2008

BFF's Bouquet

My childhood bestie got hitched in the most beautiful wedding on 1.11.08. It was an extremely touching and heartwarming event and I lost count of the times i had to swallow my tears from flooding the town. When we were still kids, i would hand make special birthday cards for her, now that we're all grown up i made her a wedding bouquet :)