Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Survived It


First of all, thank you for the supportive messages and smses that you guys have been sending since yesterday morning! i'm soooo touchedddd *sniff* It seriously calmed me alot while i was on my way to face my deepest fear - the dentist -

Hubba was comforting me all the way there, reminding me that i conquered KK so this should be chicken shit. I looked at him and whimpered "If hiking mount KK can remove my wisdom tooth, i'd rather hike it again, and again and again :( " He then threw me a "you're nuts" look. Oh well, i standby my point, but unfortunately the only option i got is to go under the knife. So i sucked my chicken shit self up and went for it with all the support and encouragement i've collected over the years!.

So this is what happened yesterday:

10.30am - Leaves for the dentist

11.00am - Arrives at clinic

11.05am - Nurses instructed to prepare for 'MOS' *gulp*

11.15am - Sent to a freggin freezing surgical room to prep up with *legs wobbly*. The nurse then took my bag away and i quickly asked her to let me grab my mp3 player first. Lying on the surgical chair with my Nano, getting ready to blast myself deaf while waiting for Dr.Wong.

11.20am - Dr Wong walks in cooly *my heart started to race* He checks out my x-ray and said he will remove the right one first. I then asked him if he can do the left one instead as it's more problematic. He said "Yeah, of course, it's the same anyway." Hhmm... I like his confidence. Nurses then presents Dr.Wong a 'silver' apparatus infront of my face, and i squint my eyes to try make out what it was. And it turns out to be a BIG ASS needle. I felt faint and nervously told the doctor, "slowly ahhh...." Dr.Wong replied,"Don't LOOK!" And i held on to the chair tightly with eyes SHUT! The first needle was surprisingly painless. And the second one felt like salt on a small ulcer, a little stingy and prickly but bearable. Song playing on my Nano at the moment: 'Superwoman' by Alicia Keys. The timing couldn't be better.

11.30am - Waited for 10 minutes for the anesthetia to set in fully. I felt my left cheek, jaw and half the lip slowly 'dissappearing'. Funny feeling, but not so funny anymore when Dr.Wong reappeared. I shut my eyes again and all i hear was rubber gloves snapping along with metal tools moving around the metal tray *hands cold as ice*

Dr.Wong went straight to work and it took me awhile to realise that he has made an incision because i felt NOTHING. He took quite awhile to saw the tooth into half and i quickly increased the volume to block the sharp drilling noise. Song playing at that moment: Here comes the Sun *do, do, do, do*.

After the drilling, the challenging work begins. Dr Wong was pushing from left to right and right to left for the longest time to remove the root of the tooth. This is the only time i felt pressure in my mouth, the rest of the time was just 'something in my mouth' and nothing else. The force he placed was so strong, i could feel myself almost sliding off the chair. And that time i was thinking to myself, 'Shit... he can't take it out!' Then, i felt something soft over my face. I took a small peek and saw Dr.Wong preparing to sew me up! *BIG sigh of relieve*

11.45am - I opened my eyes when Dr.Wong called me to. And he stuffed a dental gauze inside my mouth and asked me to bite on to it to curb the bleeding. He then massage my numb cheek for abit and started briefing me on the do's and don'ts for the next few days. No hot food, only cold drinks, cold food and ice pack my cheek immediately to control the swelling and pain. I nodded blankly and he showed me my bloody disected tooth. *Bloody Rm600 bastard* i cursed in my heart. "You want to have it?", Dr.Wong asked. "Yes!" i mumbled. "Okay, that's all, come back in a weeks time to have your stitches out and we'll see when you are recovered enough for the next tooth removal!" *feeling faint again*

I then thanked the doc and left the room with my bloody tooth in a little bag feeling amazed at the minimal pain and swiftness at the whole prosedure, i felt so foolish about all the fuss i made just to get it done! Then again, it wouldn't have been this pleasant if it weren't for the good recommendation by my dear SuSu :) Thanks again SuSu aka '020680' :D

11.50am - I called hubba and told him i'm done. He was so surprised at the speed and told me he hasn't even finish his 'kon lou min' and kopi yet at the coffee shop downstairs. So i said i will meet him there after i grab my medication and pay up. Then the nurse called me and started briefing me on the bunch the medicines, for pain, swelling and antibiotics. She then recommended an 'optional' foam mouth wash so i don't have to brush and risk hurting the wound, of course 'optional' also meant additional costs. Ended up, no pain on the wound but pain on my purse *sigh*

The rest of the day was: Anesthetia wore out fully by 2pm and the post surgical pain set in full force after that. Popped pain killers like no tomorrow and bleeding didn't quite stop until late evening. Foam mouth wash did the trick to kill the bloody salty taste in my mouth and i went to bed early to stop thinking about how hungry i still was. Woke up this morning feeling like i have 2 meatballs stuffed inside of my left cheek. Other than that, i feel fine and dandy. Swelling is not that crazy and pain is only about 2/10.

If you're looking for a dental surgeon yourself, i highly recommend Dr Wong too :) Contact and address below: *peace*


Lilian said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! woot woot. belanja u ice cream when i c u k. Green tea! :D

Shoeaholic said...

yay yay... ice cream for me :p

June said...

you are brave sis....

can feel the fear and 'gan jiong' you had that time...

but it's really cool to see you recover so fast and so healthily.

*thank God*

Suu said...

< Gigi rosak mesti cabut secepat mungkin >
3/4 of my wisdom teeth were pulled by Dr.Wong.
He is good! I felt relieve when you told me you chose this dentist :)


Shoeaholic said...

june: Thanks for the sms you sent me that morning! seriously calmed my nerves alot :D

suu: hehe... im scheduling the next one edi, thanks for the good recommendation! :D