Saturday, October 25, 2008

Can't Please Everyone

And i don't intend to as i'm never the ass kisser kind. So i try to please myself whenever possible.


A shoeholic's way to de-stress - Shoe Spring Cleaning!

The week thus far has been too freaking interesting for me. It's as though i have sprayed insecticide at some pest hole and now all the pesky worms starts to squirm at me. Worst of all, one of the worm happens to be a 'friend'.

I don't know i will ever learn my lesson about people, listen to my gut feeling that people DO change! How one can simply be nice to you one moment, then turns around and put words into your mouth and talk about you like an idiot. Utterly disappointing. Just when i thought i've had enough of fiend fouls for the week. All of the sudden, someone i use to go school with yonks ago reappeared and demanded for an explanation as to why she wasn't invited to my wedding? FYI, my wedding was 3 years ago. And i haven't been in touch with this person AT ALL since 1997. So, i won't even bother to elaborate further!

*peace out*

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