Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm so freaking depressed

Exactly one month ago...

Yes, the post Mission KK depression hasn't quite left me yet ;'(
*or isit my PMS, hmm...*

I have visited so many dentists lately, it's not funny. I told myself that if i can conquer KK, visiting the dentist should be chicken shit. But i'm feeling otherwise.

While i thought i have found "the" doctor to get my wisdom tooth surgery done, that dude cabut from Sim&Hooi without notice and they had to refer me to another doctor. So, dad recommended me his golfer friend's son who's clinic is super nearby my home, but that dude was so freaking expensive and unhygienic.

So i was again recommended by some friends to another doctor who's very well known but hard to book cause he's too freaking good and well known. I finally got to meet him- Dr.Wong, last weekend after ALOT of waiting and he is the only doc that has quoted me a HUMANE price. Even so, it would cost me RM600 per tooth. So after much ding-dong and cut the bloody dentist hunting short, i've decided to let Dr.Wong do my surgery.

If you're wondering why i'm being so bloody fussy with my dentist, it's because:
  1. The surgery requires removal of SOME jaw bone that is burying half the tooth. Due to age factor (bloody hell) my bones are harder in comparison to kids and teens, so complications might occur.
  2. There are risks of nerve damage during the surgery. Depending on nerves, temporary to long term numbness can occur to the chin, lip or tongue.
  3. Infection, swelling and post-op pain will be common. But can be controlled with drugs.

SighhHHHhhhh... why oh why...

Not only will i be RM1200 poorer, i might suffer from a sagging face and a dangling dead tongue!!! What's there to life if i can't taste butter crab anymore????? *GASSSSPPPPPP* Ok, ok... calmness needed, please tell me i'm thinking too much! >_<"

Okayyyy, going off the topic... I ran out of my favourite Elianto liquid eye liner and went back to get somemore. Apparently, they have discontinued the one i was using!!!

Why do they always discontinue the stuff i like?!! Even my dentist ran away!!! *@&#^!$!&@

Okay, whatever... i asked the sales girl to recommend me something better if not as good as the one i was using. And she quickly recommended this to me.

"Waterproof, no smudge liquid liner", she beamed.

I thought... yeah, just what i needed cause my students make me cry alot! *heh* So i got it and used it yesterday and my verdict of this product...

unless you're some kinda synchronize swimmer who needs some SERIOUS waterproof makeup!!!

My eyelids almost came off while i was attempting to remove the liner! Even makeup remover for permanent makeups didn't work! I had to RUB so hard to get it all off from my lids, the task was so damn petrifying i tell you! Even my liquid liner hates me!!! *Sooobbbbb, throws the liner and runs away*


Lilian said...

Ok I'm sorry but I cant help but laugh at this post. It IS funny! but ok ok lets cut it out. :P

Yes its only natural to worry about all those complications. Everyone does it. But leaving your tooth in that condition might make things worse and in future maybe even more complications will add on. So I say while you are still young, RM1200 can be easily made back and while you dont have any other sickness which affects your health and the surgery, I say please do get it done. I would rather you not having to taste butter crabs for a couple of months now than never ever being able to chew. Dont worry, like i promised and ever so willingly, I will head over and we can catch up on DVDs. Howsat sound?

Shoeaholic said...

*Hugs* u're the best gurlfren evaah... but first, u gotta recommend me a good liquid liner *pouts*

Anonymous said...

wo......... tat's horrible. *btw, i really love the way u are, and this post is really funny ~ lol. All the best luck wif u, joanne!! Have a nice blessing day~ Cheers!

Shoeaholic said...

bunny: thnx dear... and yes, i'll be needing alof of 'luck' ;)

::Bangalee:: said...

Haha....thanks for viewing my blog...thanks for the guiding in MTV project...keke...anyway there are not chatbox in your blog so just post a comment here...haha

Reuben said...

No worries, Joanne! It's gonna be over soon. Sounds really painful, but I've gone through it too. Hehe.. remember my big fat ugly wisdom tooth i showed you? eeew~~ :P