Friday, September 19, 2008


  • I was a little depressed
  • They were on 50% SALES
  • I haven't shopped in yonks
  • My feet grew (fatter) so i need new shoes
  • I was depressed... oh, i said that already
  • My tanned legs don't go with my old shoes
  • They were really comfy... comfy, fab and cheap shoes hardly come by

So did they bring me cheer? Well... any good buy can and will bring me cheer, but my aching b****y wisdom tooth (two of 'em) are driving me nuts. I can hardly chew on both ends, and flossing feels like sawing down my gums *sob* I'm shameful to even admit to the fact that i actually endured this on and off pain for almost a decade... yes, since my college years! I had to put off the surgery because dental fees at Australia is day light robbery, after that, i secured a job and cannot afford to take any sick leave but most of all, i am terrified of dentists!!! The needles in the gums!!! Screams of horror!!! *sobbbb*

SO, they are still laying there, side ways, neither fully in nor out and giving me a lot of pain! The last i've consulted in a dentist, the surgery for ONE freggin tooth will cost me RM700 *Laughs hysterically* I can buy 100 over pair of shoes during sales with that money! So i'm seeking 2nd opinion which will hopefully cost me less blood *literally*!!! Wish me luck!!!


Eve said...

I like the ones that you're wearing. where did you get 'em and how much? xD

Shoeaholic said...

Eve: Great eye. They feel the best! Most of my shoes are from VINCCI (during sales) and they are RM39 after 50% slash! *Beaming & Gleaming* They have beige and black too, quick GO GRAB 'em!

Lilian said...

geeze... woman...i think your tooth issue is more important than shoes!! I can almost feel the pain in MY mouth! pls pls pls fix it!

Shoeaholic said...

Lil: wellll erm... yea, *heh* kinda went a little off topic there... yes, yes... i'm gonna get it done edi... *runs away*

plain.jane said...

the pink one is very lovely! I like...
it's on sale at Vincci? Great buy!

Shoeaholic said...

Plain.Jane: It's actually plummish purple and yup, sales they were on! Maybe you might still be able to grab them ;)