Friday, August 22, 2008

The week that was...

Super Spankin' Tired!!!
But blessed ;)

I'm sorry to sound so whinny these days. I feel like one. If i have to describe my days at work in serious geek terms, i would say it's a composition consisting of 'multiple compositions' - go figure.

I'm in the midst of polishing my Mandarin speaking because i have to do a presentation in Mandarin in a couple of weeks. Yes, it will be my very first public presentation in Mandarin and i'm laughing and sweating big time now. But actually, i still have time to sweat over that later. Meanwhile, i'm seriously sweating over my Mission KK trip which is in less than a week!!!! *SWEATING BULLETS + EXCITEMENT = IBS attack*

But i have been getting alot of great advice and support from so many people, even got 'equipment support'! MM Dept's 'Datuk K' loan me a hands free torch light and I quickly strapped it on to try for size.

Me: 'Eh, so loose wan?'

Datuk K: Ohh... wear like g-string wan...
-*faints* and wash my head with dettol-

In the midst of all the craziness, we got a little pleasant yummylicious surprise. Evonne who just finished her final sem came over with a bunch of 'Thanks for everything Cupcakes' for all MM lecs & tutors. Talk about the perks of being a lecturer! Hahaha!!! I leaped right into them and mannn they were GOOD! Thanks again dear ;)

Back to my prep for KK, my dear friend from the hood who's also a pharmacist took the trouble to pack me a bunch of med to take along. She actually conquered KK a couple of years back and advised me tonnes on what to expect and look out for.

Meds & Pre-Meds for nausea, flu, gastric, muscle relaxant and tension relieve! Wow... That's a mouthful!

And because we haven't really caught up with each other for so long, we kinda got lost in other topics for hours! Somewhere in between, i started reminiscing about those good ol' times of growing up together and i realised that i seriously missed this friend so much... i'm glad we're in touch again after so long.

Alritey... wrapping up... retiring early tonight as i'm home alone with hubba on his business trip. So much to do tomorrow from home and serious spring cleaning awaits me! *BIG FAT sighhhhhhh*


project3 aka Kennie said...

ei... that g-string thingy suppose to wear it like undies not on youe head lah. adoi!!!

Shoeaholic said...

When you said put on your head, I didn't realize u were referring to the other 'HEAD'. fault.