Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nauseatingly Excited!

I'm ready... i think i am.

Last few days i was suffering from horrible neck and shoulder spasm, so bad that my left arm felt prickly due to the poor blood circulation and my whole body felt as though i was gonna come down with a flu or fever... right before my Mission KK! Didn't want to take any risk or medication, i asked hubba to take me for Chinese acupuncture and i was given 7 needles straight. From the left side of my neck right down to my hand. The 30 minutes needle jab was really like a little ant bite. And just when i thought the session was over and done with, the sifu told me to sit on a little stool and he folded my arms around my neck and crrRRrAAAccKkkkk!!!


*Shell Shocked* Looks at hubba and gave him my little shaky thumbs up!

I suddenly realised i was living in pain all these while. Seriously! Turning my head and bending over to touch my toes can make me sweat buckets and now, i can touch my toes and do bridge!!! Damn miraculous!!! The sifu did a couple more cracking with my neck and upper spine. Total cost for the 1hr treatment = RM25! And i felt as though i'm given a new body! So damn glad i did this before going to KK!!!

So alritey... I need to pop by the supermarket and grab a couple more stuff before i head home to start packing for the adventure of my lifetime! 'Adventure of my Lifetime'... i like how that sounds... even more so if i can't make it due to the gazillion of possible reasons! Bad Weather, Pain and possibly more Pain *scared*

"All the Breast ah.... Jangan memalukan! Hehehe...*snort*"

Bloodimangali that fella sitting next to me... Damn pressure! If i can't reach the peak i can imagine all the teasing i will get! Now die, die i also MUST go up! ArGHHhhhHHhh!!!

Aiyo... i hope iGoogle is predictable la...

GTG peeps, more updates soon i hope... ;)

********UPDATES @ 5.34am - 28/8*********

Oh dang it, i'm so NOT a morning person... i hardly had any sleep as we finished packing quite late yesterday (4 hours ago...). Just because hubba and i are extending our holiday at KK for another 2.5 days, our luggage is MASSIVE now! Half of which contains of winter clothing and our shoes probably weighs like 5 KG already!

Sigh... so anyways, something else interesting happened to me right before i'm about to buzz off to KK, i went home for dinner at my family's and mom told me i have a registered mail from DNP clothing, first gut feeling... oh, biasalah, i always get mails from various clothing companies... maybe it's some kinda free vouchers where you have to spend like RM500 to rebate RM50 kinda scheme... hurhurhur... So i proceed to open the mail and got this letter....

OHHH!!! i remember this! I got an email from them couple of weeks ago about giving away free tix to Avril Lavigne's concert and all i have to do is to click on the link to be on the list of the possible lucky few and THAT'S ALL. So i thought... so easy only? Kena already can give it away also nice wud... so i clicked and totally forgotten about it!

And tahdah...!!!!

It's real, you can almost smell her sweat now! LOL!
Thanks to DNP Clothing SDN BHD... Yes, you will be seeing me in your stores shopping soon, only if have more SALES! XD

SO question now, who to give it to!? It's already 9pm and i'm leaving for the airport at 7am next day!

First person came to my mind was Reuben... hehehe... cause he actually took the trouble to kanasai the people who wanted to ban the concert. I happily started texting him and i suddenly realised that he's going back to Kuching this Friday!! Aiyoyoyo... so, so close...

"Reuben, i thought of you ok? But guess it's just NOT 'Meant to Be'... you and Avril. LOL!!! Get it? Her song? Meant to Be???"

Okay... so not funny. I had to cross out tons of other names and to cut it short, i ended giving them to Eve cause she lives right across the road and she happens to like LOVE her too. She sounded so ultra excited over it, like no cannot believe it kinda excited... hehehe... So glad i got rid of the tickets the good way, for a moment there i seriously thought it's gonna be a bookmark!

So that's that... gotta make a move now so see you dudes and dudettes real real soon!!! Happy Holidays and err... National Day! Toodles!!!



Eve said...

All the best! Safe travels and have a wonderful time!

*thanks for the tickets :P

kelLie* said...

good luck :)

Reuben said...

haha.. guess avril and me doesn't have fate. :P

Shoeaholic said...

Eve: Thanks girl, saw ur poncho clad pic! :D Was the consert good?

Kellie: Thanks dear! I made it! Haha!!!

Reuben: Yeap, you can start singing 'Meant to be'!