Monday, August 18, 2008

How the World is these days

When you readily apologize
You are not forgiven
When you are ready to forgive
There's no apology
When you want a chance
There are no opportunity
When there's an opportunity
No one wants to take the chance


And i keep asking WHY.

I was driving back home with Vincey from work just now and we were inching our way back in the usual peak hours traffic. Almost too suddenly we got a pretty loud BUMP! And it was a very familiar one... someone kissed the ass of my just-turned-one-month-old wheels.

First thing on my mind - ROBBERY! Because the cars weren't moving... AT ALL! How could any one drive up another's ass!!! I looked at my rear mirror and i saw an equally surprised face. So surprise it's as though i reversed into her! Vincey and i got off the car to check inspite of the crazy traffic at LDP and the dumb bitch just sat in her own car, gawking! So we swiftly got off to see and saw nothing except for some very minor paint scrape below my car plate and we hopped right into the car and proceeds to stuck in the same jam with the same stupid bitch still driving closely behind me like nothing ever happened!!!

For the whole time, that bitch DID NOT even made the simplest effort to apologize! Not even a wave from her car. I don't even blame her for not getting off her car because she was alone, but what's wrong with a little wave to say you're sorry?

Vincey and i are seriously speechless. We couldn't stand it any longer and decided to snap a photo of her because she is THAT ignorant!

So from here you can see how bad the traffic is and how close she still was behind me after bumping into my car! And when she saw me taking photos of her, she finally decides to overtake me - so swiftly until got motion blur effect!

WNY 9817, Silver Kelisa

First, i seriously believe in karma. Second, this world is smaller than all of you think. So if we don't meet again, then i believe one of you reading this just might. And when you do, please tell her this: "It doesn't hurt to say you're sorry".

I had to post this because Lil's too freggin hilarious!


Lilian said...

MAN! see that corner cock stare from her cow eyes??? Stupid cow!! *poke her eyes out*

project3 aka Kennie said...

curse the muther fucka! very poisonous curse - that bitch langgar by lorry pop!!!

Shoeaholic said...

wahh... calm down ppl... kekeke... thanks for the "well wishers". memang sakit hati lah, and very disbelief with the kind of cold blooded idiots on the road! u all should look out too! :(

Eve said...

you should've at least given her the finger (or two) xD

Shoeaholic said...

eve, if i have to use my fingers, i'll make sure it's in her eyes *evil grin*

Lilian said...

omg i cant believe you showed the whole wide world what i wrote. *paiseh*

yeah yeah the 2 fingers to poke her stupid cow eyes right?

ToFu said...

last time i kena bang den tat fella wan to report bcoz he is driving company car but i m de one who kena saman coz police makan duit d - -.. he report earlier den me.. another 1 is a motor hit me by himself den fall down but claims me 100bugz - -...

Shoeaholic said...

lil: yes dear... twirling, twisting and drilling into those 'cow eyes' until you see juice picit and oozle out! hahaha!!!

tofu: haih, i did tot about reporting, but there's really nothing wrong with my car except for a lalat size paint scrap. Moreover, i don't want to shorten my life further by dealing with the 'Saya-tak-rasuah-POLIS'!