Sunday, August 03, 2008

Crunch Time!

As you can see on my side bar, my little count downer to Mission KK consists of barely 3 weeks and i'm starting to feel queasy!

I don't think any amount of training will be able to predict my level of endurance on that very fateful day! Words of encouragement, plenty. Words of self-doubt, overflowing. I know if i start doubting myself, i might as well just admit defeat now.

As i throw myself into some last moments training; running for 30 minutes until my lungs are at my throat for atleast 3 times a week (i really try... *sob*) followed by 45 minutes of video directed yoga. As i'm not really that flexible by nature, the yoga thing really helps to work those hard to reach muscles and making me sweat buckets!

Keeping tab if what i can 'manage'

and only to ruin everything again... *sigh*

Damn hungry after all those workout ok!!! Hubba and i have been laying off Dominos for the longest time, our favourite Saturday night teevo meal, but Mission KK has forced us to watch our diet and keep ourselves trim and fit with decent meals for the past... 5 months? By the way, if you haven't tried their Classified Chicken with double deck crust... you're seriously NOT living life!

Alright, food aside, i'm almost all prepped for KK, got myself a traffic stopping windbreaker for a steal from FOS, will post pics when i get the packing started. Now, it's all about that physical and mental prep, i'm bloody terrified of altitude sickness! I get sick sitting at the back passenger seat of a car! *sigh* I'll probably chew ginger all the way up!!! If anyone know any medications besides paracetamol (aka panadol), please recommend! If you have actually been there yourself, please tell me what to expect! Meanwhile, i gotta do my homework! *sweat*


小彭 said...

if u ever dropped by Tawau..the most btm from kinabalu..inform me..^^

Anonymous said...

r u like gonna climb with ur high heels? just kiddin'. aim for the TOP!