Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Made It!

Updates from Shangrila Hotel @ KK City, 9.05am

The journey was overwhelmingly amazing; words cannot describe. The view was majestic; i thought i was in heaven at some point. The people i met; so full of determination and encouragement even when we're perfect strangers.

I received tonnes of supportive sms's from friends and family throughout my journey and it moved and pushed me to great lengths. Thank you all... i will update more in my next post with photos and more details. Meanwhile, i'm still in dazed and disbelief at myself! xoxo...

P/S: Happy National Day! (harap) Malaysia Boleh! XD

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nauseatingly Excited!

I'm ready... i think i am.

Last few days i was suffering from horrible neck and shoulder spasm, so bad that my left arm felt prickly due to the poor blood circulation and my whole body felt as though i was gonna come down with a flu or fever... right before my Mission KK! Didn't want to take any risk or medication, i asked hubba to take me for Chinese acupuncture and i was given 7 needles straight. From the left side of my neck right down to my hand. The 30 minutes needle jab was really like a little ant bite. And just when i thought the session was over and done with, the sifu told me to sit on a little stool and he folded my arms around my neck and crrRRrAAAccKkkkk!!!


*Shell Shocked* Looks at hubba and gave him my little shaky thumbs up!

I suddenly realised i was living in pain all these while. Seriously! Turning my head and bending over to touch my toes can make me sweat buckets and now, i can touch my toes and do bridge!!! Damn miraculous!!! The sifu did a couple more cracking with my neck and upper spine. Total cost for the 1hr treatment = RM25! And i felt as though i'm given a new body! So damn glad i did this before going to KK!!!

So alritey... I need to pop by the supermarket and grab a couple more stuff before i head home to start packing for the adventure of my lifetime! 'Adventure of my Lifetime'... i like how that sounds... even more so if i can't make it due to the gazillion of possible reasons! Bad Weather, Pain and possibly more Pain *scared*

"All the Breast ah.... Jangan memalukan! Hehehe...*snort*"

Bloodimangali that fella sitting next to me... Damn pressure! If i can't reach the peak i can imagine all the teasing i will get! Now die, die i also MUST go up! ArGHHhhhHHhh!!!

Aiyo... i hope iGoogle is predictable la...

GTG peeps, more updates soon i hope... ;)

********UPDATES @ 5.34am - 28/8*********

Oh dang it, i'm so NOT a morning person... i hardly had any sleep as we finished packing quite late yesterday (4 hours ago...). Just because hubba and i are extending our holiday at KK for another 2.5 days, our luggage is MASSIVE now! Half of which contains of winter clothing and our shoes probably weighs like 5 KG already!

Sigh... so anyways, something else interesting happened to me right before i'm about to buzz off to KK, i went home for dinner at my family's and mom told me i have a registered mail from DNP clothing, first gut feeling... oh, biasalah, i always get mails from various clothing companies... maybe it's some kinda free vouchers where you have to spend like RM500 to rebate RM50 kinda scheme... hurhurhur... So i proceed to open the mail and got this letter....

OHHH!!! i remember this! I got an email from them couple of weeks ago about giving away free tix to Avril Lavigne's concert and all i have to do is to click on the link to be on the list of the possible lucky few and THAT'S ALL. So i thought... so easy only? Kena already can give it away also nice wud... so i clicked and totally forgotten about it!

And tahdah...!!!!

It's real, you can almost smell her sweat now! LOL!
Thanks to DNP Clothing SDN BHD... Yes, you will be seeing me in your stores shopping soon, only if have more SALES! XD

SO question now, who to give it to!? It's already 9pm and i'm leaving for the airport at 7am next day!

First person came to my mind was Reuben... hehehe... cause he actually took the trouble to kanasai the people who wanted to ban the concert. I happily started texting him and i suddenly realised that he's going back to Kuching this Friday!! Aiyoyoyo... so, so close...

"Reuben, i thought of you ok? But guess it's just NOT 'Meant to Be'... you and Avril. LOL!!! Get it? Her song? Meant to Be???"

Okay... so not funny. I had to cross out tons of other names and to cut it short, i ended giving them to Eve cause she lives right across the road and she happens to like LOVE her too. She sounded so ultra excited over it, like no cannot believe it kinda excited... hehehe... So glad i got rid of the tickets the good way, for a moment there i seriously thought it's gonna be a bookmark!

So that's that... gotta make a move now so see you dudes and dudettes real real soon!!! Happy Holidays and err... National Day! Toodles!!!


Friday, August 22, 2008

The week that was...

Super Spankin' Tired!!!
But blessed ;)

I'm sorry to sound so whinny these days. I feel like one. If i have to describe my days at work in serious geek terms, i would say it's a composition consisting of 'multiple compositions' - go figure.

I'm in the midst of polishing my Mandarin speaking because i have to do a presentation in Mandarin in a couple of weeks. Yes, it will be my very first public presentation in Mandarin and i'm laughing and sweating big time now. But actually, i still have time to sweat over that later. Meanwhile, i'm seriously sweating over my Mission KK trip which is in less than a week!!!! *SWEATING BULLETS + EXCITEMENT = IBS attack*

But i have been getting alot of great advice and support from so many people, even got 'equipment support'! MM Dept's 'Datuk K' loan me a hands free torch light and I quickly strapped it on to try for size.

Me: 'Eh, so loose wan?'

Datuk K: Ohh... wear like g-string wan...
-*faints* and wash my head with dettol-

In the midst of all the craziness, we got a little pleasant yummylicious surprise. Evonne who just finished her final sem came over with a bunch of 'Thanks for everything Cupcakes' for all MM lecs & tutors. Talk about the perks of being a lecturer! Hahaha!!! I leaped right into them and mannn they were GOOD! Thanks again dear ;)

Back to my prep for KK, my dear friend from the hood who's also a pharmacist took the trouble to pack me a bunch of med to take along. She actually conquered KK a couple of years back and advised me tonnes on what to expect and look out for.

Meds & Pre-Meds for nausea, flu, gastric, muscle relaxant and tension relieve! Wow... That's a mouthful!

And because we haven't really caught up with each other for so long, we kinda got lost in other topics for hours! Somewhere in between, i started reminiscing about those good ol' times of growing up together and i realised that i seriously missed this friend so much... i'm glad we're in touch again after so long.

Alritey... wrapping up... retiring early tonight as i'm home alone with hubba on his business trip. So much to do tomorrow from home and serious spring cleaning awaits me! *BIG FAT sighhhhhhh*

Monday, August 18, 2008

How the World is these days

When you readily apologize
You are not forgiven
When you are ready to forgive
There's no apology
When you want a chance
There are no opportunity
When there's an opportunity
No one wants to take the chance


And i keep asking WHY.

I was driving back home with Vincey from work just now and we were inching our way back in the usual peak hours traffic. Almost too suddenly we got a pretty loud BUMP! And it was a very familiar one... someone kissed the ass of my just-turned-one-month-old wheels.

First thing on my mind - ROBBERY! Because the cars weren't moving... AT ALL! How could any one drive up another's ass!!! I looked at my rear mirror and i saw an equally surprised face. So surprise it's as though i reversed into her! Vincey and i got off the car to check inspite of the crazy traffic at LDP and the dumb bitch just sat in her own car, gawking! So we swiftly got off to see and saw nothing except for some very minor paint scrape below my car plate and we hopped right into the car and proceeds to stuck in the same jam with the same stupid bitch still driving closely behind me like nothing ever happened!!!

For the whole time, that bitch DID NOT even made the simplest effort to apologize! Not even a wave from her car. I don't even blame her for not getting off her car because she was alone, but what's wrong with a little wave to say you're sorry?

Vincey and i are seriously speechless. We couldn't stand it any longer and decided to snap a photo of her because she is THAT ignorant!

So from here you can see how bad the traffic is and how close she still was behind me after bumping into my car! And when she saw me taking photos of her, she finally decides to overtake me - so swiftly until got motion blur effect!

WNY 9817, Silver Kelisa

First, i seriously believe in karma. Second, this world is smaller than all of you think. So if we don't meet again, then i believe one of you reading this just might. And when you do, please tell her this: "It doesn't hurt to say you're sorry".

I had to post this because Lil's too freggin hilarious!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

So near yet so far!

Indonesia just beat China in the Olympics badminton doubles and i am freaking HAPPY for them! Congrats Indonesia!!! You guys deserved it BIG FAT TIME! Ask me why i opt to support them instead of China, well... let's just say i can't stand the chinese player's lansi-ness. Only first game and few points of score... wahhh the face lansi until like they can take on the world, so full of pre-mature pride which was confused with confidence! Beh tahan i tell you...

At 8.45pm sharp today, many will tuck their asses nicely infront of the tv watching the match of our life time; Beijing Olympics, Badminton Finals - Malaysia VS China!

Okay, shoeaholic's two cents worth ahead! As many knows, tonight Lee Chong Wei will be playing against his greatest court enemy, Lindan. I along with ALLLL my friends are praying, dancing, cursing and prancing that CW will 'suen suen lei lei' smack that lil' cocky ass off the court! Seriously... ask anyone, they will say the same thing about Lindan's poor display of sportsmanship... ill tempered, foul mouth and cocky to the core! He may be skillful and all, but CW isn't any lesser except for the fact that i think CW second guesses himself at times, thus letting the mind games and inferiority complex get to him *cheh* as if i know... hahaha!
Whatever is is, i really really hope CW is in extreme fighting mode tonight and i hope he'll receive all the telepathic support entire Malaysia is sending out to him!!! CW Boleh!!!


Seriously, i don't know why we have such a hard time to recruit full-time lecturers and designers for our team. We play more than we work, laugh more than we cry, eat more than we shit... Okay, maybe the last one isn't true, but hey... we may have our stressful days, but we made sure we also have our FUN days - unlimited!

So Waikhong and Reuben organised this rounds department fellowship and called it Reinvent Project Challenge. So we brought some recyclable materials, have to reinvent it into the 'thing' we were doomed/fated to do... blah,blah, blah.... losers must spend J&CO doughnuts???? WAHHHH.... i don't want to lose that's for sure... and winner gets CASH prize???? WAHHHH.... i damn broke lately leh!!!

So suddenly everyone zoom right into production mode aka KIASU mode. So terrified of loosing, my buddy team May Yin and i are quite thankful to have selected noticeboard! Cause you really can't go too wrong with it, and you can always pimp it up a notch!

At extreme kiasu mode here... it was after 6pm and we worked like we just stepped into the office!

Team Vince & Weipeow working on their err... i forgot what it was they are suppose to do! hahaha... book holder isit???

I can tell that ah peow didn't want to lose too...

Ah Bonk got a little carried away with the origami... he made a whole set of wardrobe to go with his tie *kidding* lol...

*an unrelated pic* coughs!

SW & AhBonk calculating the gravity x & y force which might effect their origami's physic modifications! Wah... damn deep!

After 1 hour of kiasuness + hopefullness = desperate measure inventions!

Yik Jian presenting the vase he and Amber Mia created. I like how he lifted his pinky along with the 'vase'... so 'gentle'...

And Jo presenting the ultimate table lamp and let there be light!

And 'light' we got... o_O

So the time we've been waiting for... we only kept our fingers and toes crossed on not to loose!

The final tallying of votes was nerve wrecking and honestly, we never really expected...

to WIN!!!
Woohoo!!! Thanks again for the support guys... Ice Cream you all will get! :D

Last but not least, group pic! And though there's no need to highlight who ended up buying the doughnuts, it's more important to know we all had so much fun! ;D

Friday, August 15, 2008


The uncle selling noodles cheekily exclaims when i bought a nasi lemak from him. "Gotta work tomorrow lar uncle..." i replied monotonously.

The few days of disappearance from my office desk has resulted to a nerve and mind numbing workload on my desk. And just when i thought i had everything laid out to be shot down one by one, my 'relative' visited me BIG time *ahem* and i was bed ridden for one day. Thinking that everything is still sorta in control, i continued with my deadline shooting spree. Then...

The ever so typical thing that happens only to people who are about to hang themselves from work. I turned to look at the empty seat next to me and stared at Kenny's abandoned monitor because his CPU caught some bug and is currently in the IT ICU. Imagining myself to be in the similar situation made me want to roll all over the floor and throw an ugly fit. So i called the doc and kept my fingers crossed and TG.... it was a 'fixable' error. So all's well despite the drama!

And since it's a working Saturday for me tomorrow, more drama awaits. Meanwhile, on winding down before bedtime ;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's the date today?

If time doesn't fly, then pigs certainly do!

And i find myself turning around asking, 'Where did it all go?!'

So i'm back from Jakarta... wished that i had more time to truly experience it's culture and places but the timing couldn't be crazier for me with the back to back schedule for the past 2-3 weeks! But hey, i may be dazed by everything, but i'm not complaining. Infact i couldn't be more thankful for all the amazing opportunities! I've met tonnes of talented yet humbling beings from all over the world, young and old, from all walks of life! We were so warmly welcomed and treated and to some extend i truly felt i don't deserve it!

So i was assigned by my company to conduct a digital design workshop & motion graphics design demo along with the legendary Kidchan at FX Mall! Actually, I'm really just her sidekick lar... hahaha! But hey... i'm so honored to be featured next to her! And for her age, she's truly truly successful with ZERO air or ego about her own success, so i will take my hat off to her ANY darn time!

Although i was so well fed and housed at Jakarta, i realised that i haven't really slept/rested 'sincerely'. I haven't dreamt much and i had no problem waking up at 7am over there. And when i slept on my own bed yesterday, i almost died in my sleep, got lost in my dreams and I couldn't drag myself off the bed this morning! So needless to say, i went to work like a stone, spending most of the time figuring out where i left myself 2 weeks ago. And for once, coffee didn't and couldn't help so i spent the entire day sniffing eucalyptus oil to stay alert like an ah po! *sigh*

So i shall stop here and attend to my much needed hibernation. Long week ahead and work still piling before my very eyes. Am slightly panicking about Mission KK already but the reality hasn't quite set in for me *yet*! But you will slowly find me come face to face with it... real soon!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Hello from Jakarta!

Omgoodness me!!! I wish i could tell you in details about my very spontaneous trip to Jakarta! But before i could, i'm already here!!! Everything was BEYOND my expectation and i felt like an almost VIP here! hahaha!!! And we stayed in 'Executive' rooms... ultra fancy treatment and crazy posh services!! And guess what? I'm almost a millionaire too! RM380 = 1 million ruppiah!!! Now... who wouldn't feel 'rich' here!

Alritey, gotta buzz off to FX Mall now for work (just next to our hotel! wheee!!) More updates soon as the super speedy internet service is FREE too! woohoo!!! Will let the photos do the talking from now on! Toodles!

Above the Indonesian skies

Arrival @ airport, reminds me of Subang airport!

Atlet Century Hotel.. our 'executive' rooms!

Found this leaftlet at the food court! Wrong spelling lar...adui...
First dinner @ FX Mall food court, forgot the name... but it's beef noodles!
Breakfast at the 'executive lounge' *blink*blink*

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I can't wait...

... to see Jakarta for the first time
... get everything over and done with
... to come home next Monday

and of course

... for my KK holiday!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Crunch Time!

As you can see on my side bar, my little count downer to Mission KK consists of barely 3 weeks and i'm starting to feel queasy!

I don't think any amount of training will be able to predict my level of endurance on that very fateful day! Words of encouragement, plenty. Words of self-doubt, overflowing. I know if i start doubting myself, i might as well just admit defeat now.

As i throw myself into some last moments training; running for 30 minutes until my lungs are at my throat for atleast 3 times a week (i really try... *sob*) followed by 45 minutes of video directed yoga. As i'm not really that flexible by nature, the yoga thing really helps to work those hard to reach muscles and making me sweat buckets!

Keeping tab if what i can 'manage'

and only to ruin everything again... *sigh*

Damn hungry after all those workout ok!!! Hubba and i have been laying off Dominos for the longest time, our favourite Saturday night teevo meal, but Mission KK has forced us to watch our diet and keep ourselves trim and fit with decent meals for the past... 5 months? By the way, if you haven't tried their Classified Chicken with double deck crust... you're seriously NOT living life!

Alright, food aside, i'm almost all prepped for KK, got myself a traffic stopping windbreaker for a steal from FOS, will post pics when i get the packing started. Now, it's all about that physical and mental prep, i'm bloody terrified of altitude sickness! I get sick sitting at the back passenger seat of a car! *sigh* I'll probably chew ginger all the way up!!! If anyone know any medications besides paracetamol (aka panadol), please recommend! If you have actually been there yourself, please tell me what to expect! Meanwhile, i gotta do my homework! *sweat*

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I came back Happy :)

So i'm back from Singapore! And i must say, this is my BEST visit ever getting the opportunity to attend THE most anticipated symposium, ISEA 2008!

Meanwhile, i'm sure many of you wondered... "Did she buy any shoes?!"

Thanks to the strategic location of my hotel and conference, everything was within walking distance, including Bugis Junction! With the minimal dinner hours we had, i did manage to grab some 'stuff' *wink* And since Singapore's on serious sales, it would have been depressing not to! I've been dying to check Charles&Keith out but i seriously never considered going to Pavilion due to the unpredictable traffic jams in KL which often led myself to serious crankiness within the hustle and bustle of city life! And since PJ has been able to fulfill my shopping lust without needing me to loose my sanity, i vowed to stay true to PJ shopping ;)

Oh yes, as i was saying...

Ballerina pumps with rhinestones! Absolutely delicious and i adore it super much!!! *hearts*

If you have read my previous post called 'Random Love', and agrees with me on just how fabulous Bonadrag's feather hair clip is, you would be screaming over the top with me at the next pic i'm about to show you...

Yes!!! I found it at Singapore (not from Bonadrag though) and i bought 4 of them! I'm putting 2 up for sale, so drop me a message if you're interested! ;)

Guess i'll sign off from here. I still have a million other stuff to blog about, but now i got to attend to the million other house chores and laundry first! xoxo...