Thursday, July 24, 2008

TOA Multimedia Starlites'08!

Another year, another batch of great achievers! Well done to all our students and alumni and whether you're out there to present or not, it doesn't really matter as each and everyone of you are uniquely talented and creative as it is! :)

You guys are truly inspiring not just to your friends but also to your fellow lecturers and tutors and this rewarding feeling gives us a good reason as to why we love what we do. And to me, your best quality comes from the 'keeping it real' attitude. I mean, many would have busted their heads off with the egotistic air even with the little experience or knowledge they are capable of. I know for a fact that many of you will and can go far not because you know a software better, but because you know when to humble yourself and readily accept new challenges and critiques.

To me, one can never stop learning unless they choose to. And being in the position to inspire others, my students are actually the main source of inspiration and encouragement; it really takes two hands to clap. Of course we have our down times, sometimes even on the verge of giving up but hey, so many people made it this far, so can you! And like many have said, 'It's gonna be so worth it!' ;) Once again, kudo's to TOA Multimedia!

Photos available upon request, please drop me your email so i can send them to you! Cheers~


jason said...

u know wat..hazmer looks like "homer simpsons"... goshh....
it's so similiar.

tanyus said...

Can I get the 2nd one in 4th row and the 2nd one in last row? :)

thanks! :D

Shoeaholic said...

i'll be uploading the pics on a online gallery once i get back from singapore next friday so you guys can grab all of them there! ;)