Saturday, July 26, 2008


So today i went to the money changer to get some S$ for my coming 4 days stay at Singapore and i find myself cursing at my country because Malaysian ringgit is worth literally cheap NUT SHELLS, not even NUTS ok?!!!

RM2.40 = S$ 1 only!!! damnit!!!

If i run this country, i'll just shoot myself on the forehead. For a country with 3 bloody towers, a F1 track, world class airport, rich agriculture for export, national and local car manufacturers, oil and gas industry, timber trade and so MUCH more, we actually lose out to a country made out of an island - Singapore. The person running this country really should shoot himself like - NOW.

And we have the cheek to make fun of the Singaporeans by calling them 'Kiasu'. I think they have all the right in the world to be kiasu with their currency value lor! Our money is not even half as small as theirs and yet we can be so damn kiasu and kiasi at the same time! I am praying so damn hard for that lightning to strike all our politicians and ministers corrupted asses if they don't start shooting themselves!!! *&@#$!@#$


tanyus said...

At least ringgit is not as bad as Indonesian rupiah :( RM1=Rp2,811!

Shoeaholic said...

i feel you dear :(