Sunday, July 27, 2008

Optical Lust

Every time i visit my optician i would be tempted so badly by his fabulous eye wear range. And because he never fails to give me great discounts, i ALWAYS walk away with something new! So before i went to see him yesterday, i told myself to refrain from getting anything other than stock up contacts as my Calvin Klien one is relatively new and i have decided to put a cork to my credit card swapping for the month!

As i walked into Vision Space optical, i was immediately greeted warmly by my optician Woon and his lovely mother and we're doing the 'long time so see' talk and unsuspectingly i went "OMG... these are NICE...."

"Haha... yes, they are! ZIO selects their retailers to carry their products too, so it's pretty exclusive!" says Voon. Exclusive? Must be $$$ lah den... i thought to myself. My bank account is so hollow i can hear an echo effect when the ATM spits me my cash, i seriously cannot entertain any fabulousity call now! :(

But Woon didn't mind me 'whoring' ALL the colours in various frames. He has more colours compared to those featured at ZIO's website and i'm so totally inlove with the half frame brown ones!

"Erm... can calculate for me ar... this one here?"
. So Woon did his magic with the calculator and jot down a pretty reasonable figure. But i can't tell you cause the discount is pretty damn huge and it's only for me! HAHAHA... if you want a discount for eyewear you can go there and tell him Joanne referred you, and he will give you a good discount! ;)

Anyways, money is still money lah, no matter whats the figure, i really don't think i need to spend that extra cash since i'm not 4-eyed every day :( So i actually stayed firm to gave it a miss this time. Damn the petrol hike! Damn it, damn it!!!

But perhaps you like to check it out yourself, Vision Space provides top notch optical check-up service for FREE and i will bet ALL my shoes that you will absolutely be pleased with their customer service. They also have eye wear range customed to your requested budget without having to sacrifice STYLE. I know because Voon has been my optician for 10 years now, and before this i HATED opticians because i always end up feeling cheated and hating my specs. And i'm NOT PAID to say this, but because good things are meant to be shared! You seriously won't loose anything just to check them out! They are just a few lots away from Dharus mamak at Uptown Damansara, same row as Maybank, facing LDP highway!

Woon Pak Seong
Vision Space
114G,Jalan SS21/35
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
t: 03-7729 7269
Open: Mon-Sat
Close: Sun

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