Sunday, July 20, 2008

It was gonna be about shoes until...


Okay, i can recognise that tone of voice and it can only mean "bad news"... like real BAD. I stepped out of the studies and walked towards hubba with one eye brow raised.

He looked pale, desaturated monotone to be exact. His hands around supporting his back like a pregger and he just stood there looking for the right words to continue the bad news he was about to deliver me.

"I think i busted my back lah..."

"Okay, don't panic" i tell him, or myself actually. I think i have an "incase of emergency" to-do list somewhere in my head but first i have to register the 'busted my back' part and find out exactly how busted is busted in his terminology.

- Can't bend over
- Can't tilt side ways
- Can only sit UP RIGHT
- Can still walk but only UP RIGHT

Okay, when daddy busted his back a couple of months back (while bending over to put on his pants), mom said he couldn't sit at all and he was whining til the sky almost fell. So i'm thinking that hubba's case is probably not that bad - i think/hope/pray!" But it's hard to judge from hubba's twisted facial expression. I know for sure that men in general have lower pain tolerance level and when hubba complaint about feeling dizzy after a leech bit him at nuang, i wanted to throw a 'kotek' at him! (figure of speech lah... i'm not that abusive ok...)

Anyways, i called mom and told her what happened and she told me to go over and have dad take us to a the 'chung yi' aka chinese sifu. But later on, we realised that they are close on Sunday! So we went to the acupuncture centre at Taman Megah and hubba got a series of chinese traditional treatment; massage, needles, fire in glass cups suction, release of blood clots, massage and needles on the face! *phew* Everything lasted for about less than an hour and the effect? "Immediate relieve!" exclaimed hubba.

I'm not surprise. I totally believe in chinese traditional treatment because you really 'see' it working. After the sifu placed 2 needles at hubba's back, he then swiftly poked a lower nerve behind his knee 'to release the blood clots' he says, and the blood came oozing in BLACK which then gradually turns fresh red and stopped bleeding entirely! I could only gawk.

Daddy ended up getting a chinese massage and his massage took longer than hubba's treatment! While waiting, i was kinda relieved to see hubba smiling again (as he can be really bitchy when he's ill and all). But the discomfort is still there, so he has to constantly do some stretching to loosen up his muscles and nerves, but atleast he can stretch now, compared to much earlier... geezee!

So, it's strictly no chicken, egg, 'luo mi' and everything cold on the menu for the next i don't know how long. He can only sit on solid surface now to make sure he maintains an upright posture too. *sigh* i feel bad for hubba and he's getting depressed because he think it's the age factor. I on the other hand thinks it's just too convenient to blame it on the digits, and so the battle of the nags begins!

Happy Sunday, bah!

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