Tuesday, July 08, 2008


From me to Gladi-fugly-ators sandals!

Besides the Spice Girls ceiling high platforms and those awful rubbery CROCS sandals, i have found yet another addition to my 'WTF is that?!' shoe list that broke all the rules of shoe dressing- GLADIATORS sandals *urgh*

But that's JUST me!

Who am i to say it's fashionably wrong, right? I'm sure everything fugly can work out fashionably one way or the other (depends on who's wearing it of course!) For some reason, they don't seem to be that much of an eye sore on...

Love how it isn't as strappy as the typical fugliators

Sienna Miller
Perfect height, not over done and the gold goes so well with her hair and skin!

Nicky Hilton
Wearing the sandals instead of letting them wear her!

BUT Definitely NOT:

Miley Cyrus
Can't sing, and can't dress too! See how distorted her ankles are! Eww...

Ashley Olsen
I feel like tearing her i mean those shoes up!

And of course, the trend caught on in Malaysia too (the wannabe PVC way). Already the style is killing me, but the sight of chubby stout asian legs squeezing into those overly strappy pvc flats is plain PAIN! No offense to chubby legs, i don't fair better myself! That's why i avoid flats whenever possible and i STAY away from strappy stuff that further highlights the chunks! And unless your legs are long or slender enough to extend the heaven's gate, one should probably just lay off those strappy monsters!

Err... i seriously hope not. But nothing surprises me anymore Mr Maximus!


Lilian said...

i happen to love them gladiator sandals

May said...

hi there,
i have been reading some articles on how writers glorify gladiator sandals...

and i totally agree with u. Its ugly.

Lilian said...

whatever. anyway its a seasonal glorification. Thats how it works in fashion. So u'll be glad to know its not gona be IN next season.

Y am I even bothered to write this.