Monday, July 28, 2008

A Wrap for July

Ladida... off to Singapore i go... see you in August~
*finger waves*

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Optical Lust

Every time i visit my optician i would be tempted so badly by his fabulous eye wear range. And because he never fails to give me great discounts, i ALWAYS walk away with something new! So before i went to see him yesterday, i told myself to refrain from getting anything other than stock up contacts as my Calvin Klien one is relatively new and i have decided to put a cork to my credit card swapping for the month!

As i walked into Vision Space optical, i was immediately greeted warmly by my optician Woon and his lovely mother and we're doing the 'long time so see' talk and unsuspectingly i went "OMG... these are NICE...."

"Haha... yes, they are! ZIO selects their retailers to carry their products too, so it's pretty exclusive!" says Voon. Exclusive? Must be $$$ lah den... i thought to myself. My bank account is so hollow i can hear an echo effect when the ATM spits me my cash, i seriously cannot entertain any fabulousity call now! :(

But Woon didn't mind me 'whoring' ALL the colours in various frames. He has more colours compared to those featured at ZIO's website and i'm so totally inlove with the half frame brown ones!

"Erm... can calculate for me ar... this one here?"
. So Woon did his magic with the calculator and jot down a pretty reasonable figure. But i can't tell you cause the discount is pretty damn huge and it's only for me! HAHAHA... if you want a discount for eyewear you can go there and tell him Joanne referred you, and he will give you a good discount! ;)

Anyways, money is still money lah, no matter whats the figure, i really don't think i need to spend that extra cash since i'm not 4-eyed every day :( So i actually stayed firm to gave it a miss this time. Damn the petrol hike! Damn it, damn it!!!

But perhaps you like to check it out yourself, Vision Space provides top notch optical check-up service for FREE and i will bet ALL my shoes that you will absolutely be pleased with their customer service. They also have eye wear range customed to your requested budget without having to sacrifice STYLE. I know because Voon has been my optician for 10 years now, and before this i HATED opticians because i always end up feeling cheated and hating my specs. And i'm NOT PAID to say this, but because good things are meant to be shared! You seriously won't loose anything just to check them out! They are just a few lots away from Dharus mamak at Uptown Damansara, same row as Maybank, facing LDP highway!

Woon Pak Seong
Vision Space
114G,Jalan SS21/35
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
t: 03-7729 7269
Open: Mon-Sat
Close: Sun

Saturday, July 26, 2008


So today i went to the money changer to get some S$ for my coming 4 days stay at Singapore and i find myself cursing at my country because Malaysian ringgit is worth literally cheap NUT SHELLS, not even NUTS ok?!!!

RM2.40 = S$ 1 only!!! damnit!!!

If i run this country, i'll just shoot myself on the forehead. For a country with 3 bloody towers, a F1 track, world class airport, rich agriculture for export, national and local car manufacturers, oil and gas industry, timber trade and so MUCH more, we actually lose out to a country made out of an island - Singapore. The person running this country really should shoot himself like - NOW.

And we have the cheek to make fun of the Singaporeans by calling them 'Kiasu'. I think they have all the right in the world to be kiasu with their currency value lor! Our money is not even half as small as theirs and yet we can be so damn kiasu and kiasi at the same time! I am praying so damn hard for that lightning to strike all our politicians and ministers corrupted asses if they don't start shooting themselves!!! *&@#$!@#$

Random Love: Stolen Jewels!

I have always loved pixels
for their oh, so endless creative possibilities!

Savor your eyes with these quirky accessories by Mike and Maaike!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

TOA Multimedia Starlites'08!

Another year, another batch of great achievers! Well done to all our students and alumni and whether you're out there to present or not, it doesn't really matter as each and everyone of you are uniquely talented and creative as it is! :)

You guys are truly inspiring not just to your friends but also to your fellow lecturers and tutors and this rewarding feeling gives us a good reason as to why we love what we do. And to me, your best quality comes from the 'keeping it real' attitude. I mean, many would have busted their heads off with the egotistic air even with the little experience or knowledge they are capable of. I know for a fact that many of you will and can go far not because you know a software better, but because you know when to humble yourself and readily accept new challenges and critiques.

To me, one can never stop learning unless they choose to. And being in the position to inspire others, my students are actually the main source of inspiration and encouragement; it really takes two hands to clap. Of course we have our down times, sometimes even on the verge of giving up but hey, so many people made it this far, so can you! And like many have said, 'It's gonna be so worth it!' ;) Once again, kudo's to TOA Multimedia!

Photos available upon request, please drop me your email so i can send them to you! Cheers~

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Ads which never made it

I always tell my students; in order to develop fresh and good ideas, they gotta throw out the mediocre ones. So...

Disturbing images ahead, please scroll at your own risks!

Desperation calls, thank goodness the term break is approaching!
Another 'concept' available here.

These 'ads' DO NOT in anyway promote the practice of REAL smoking with cigarettes; instead, opposes it STRONGLY. These 'ads' are also not in anyway associated with the company Julie's©. But if they find this amusing, we don't mind complimentary supplies of yummies as a form of appreciation. Thank you~

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shoeaholic's guide: Renewing Passport!

You know how they say it's fairly easy to get your passport renewed in Malaysian within a jiffy 2 hours? Well it's TRUE except that one must also be well informed FIRST! Otherwise it's still a ding-dong wait until you faint process!

So i was informed yesterday that i'll be going to Singapore for a conference... this Thursday! I went 'whoahhh... abit the thunder lightning notice right?' Although it's only a neighboring country a passport with at least 6 mths validation is required (just 4-5 hrs drive away, cross one bridge and one is considered 'abroad/overseas'!).

So i took the day off, picked up butt up at 8.30am this morning and went to Subang Airport to get my little red book renewed. The last time i did it was with mom (5 years ago!), and it takes about 3 days to get it done and things have changed a little compared to before:
  1. You can get your passport done within 2 hours *yippee*
  2. Their instant photo booth has been upgraded with a Japanese technology photo booth and the quality is super satisfactory! *woohoo*
Other than that, nothing much has changed, counter services are still your typical government cold fish treatment. The queuing and renewing flow has definitely improved and smoothened. And since we all only do this every 5 years, one can easily forget the details of having your passport renewed (including myself) so i'm going to do a idiot's guide here!

Things you probably should know:

  • You can only travel with atleast 6 months of passport validation
  • The immigration office (Subang airport - Terminal 2) operates from 8am-12pm and then 1pm-5pm on weekdays (not so sure about weekends, but i'm guessing they don't work on on Sats).
  • If you can read Malay, go here and find out the extra details.

Things you NEED:

  • Your expiring passport.
  • Your actual MYKAD/IC (not photostat) and the chip better be working as you might be asked to go renew that too!
  • 2 passport photo (i advice to get it done at the same place since it costs only RM8 for 4 pcs an it's actually NICE as you can see yourself while the machine takes ur photo, and you don't have to risk having the photo you took at some studio rejected!)
  • 1 piece of photostat IC - 2 sided (you can also get it done at the photo booth area for 40 cents)
  • RM300 cash (for other payment methods, please refer to site)

Things you (WILL) NEED:

  • Water, so you don't die of thirst while waiting!
  • Newspaper, magazines or a book cause you'll be doing ALOT of waiting!
  • IPod or watever mp3 player so you don't bore yourself silly while waiting!

The renewing process:

  1. You will need to fill up a form which you can buy from the numbering counter (FAR LEFT of the room) for RM1.

  2. Once you're done, attach it with your old passport, photos, photostat IC, actual IC and queue at the numbering counter to get your number for passport renewal and payment.

  3. Wait for your number to be called. Submit all your documents for processing. Both your thumb print will be needed, so please don't plaster it or anything.

  4. Once done, sit down and wait for your number to be called again, this time to PAY UP! RM300 for 5 years renewal, more than that, you will have to find out and tell me! Oh, i think they accept credit card too, cause i saw a VISA or MASTER sticker there!

  5. After paying, you will be issued a receipt. Now this is the part which they DON'T TELL YOU *damnit* You have to submit your receipt to the passport collection counter where you will be given ANOTHER NUMBER! That makcik only told me to wait 2 hours and said nothing about getting another number! So i went to the malay coffee shop and hung out there for about 1.5 hours and went back to check on the numbers. I started getting suspicious of the numbering flow and quickly asked the officer. Then she told me to submit my receipt to be issued "the number" for collection! *FAINTS* And i was praying so damn hard that the new number doesn't mean i have to wait for another 2 hrs and thank goodness they called my number almost immediately and walla... i got my new passport.

  6. Before leaving, please double check that they got your name and sex right *heh* and everything else too lah... although only 2 hours, you don't want to go through another hassle again, trust me!

Total time of getting everything done: 9.15am - 11.45am, record breaking for government office mannn. And oh... i so totally hate the way they crop my photo. I look like a painted easter egg! Damn BIGGGGG my a face! *urghhh*

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It was gonna be about shoes until...


Okay, i can recognise that tone of voice and it can only mean "bad news"... like real BAD. I stepped out of the studies and walked towards hubba with one eye brow raised.

He looked pale, desaturated monotone to be exact. His hands around supporting his back like a pregger and he just stood there looking for the right words to continue the bad news he was about to deliver me.

"I think i busted my back lah..."

"Okay, don't panic" i tell him, or myself actually. I think i have an "incase of emergency" to-do list somewhere in my head but first i have to register the 'busted my back' part and find out exactly how busted is busted in his terminology.

- Can't bend over
- Can't tilt side ways
- Can only sit UP RIGHT
- Can still walk but only UP RIGHT

Okay, when daddy busted his back a couple of months back (while bending over to put on his pants), mom said he couldn't sit at all and he was whining til the sky almost fell. So i'm thinking that hubba's case is probably not that bad - i think/hope/pray!" But it's hard to judge from hubba's twisted facial expression. I know for sure that men in general have lower pain tolerance level and when hubba complaint about feeling dizzy after a leech bit him at nuang, i wanted to throw a 'kotek' at him! (figure of speech lah... i'm not that abusive ok...)

Anyways, i called mom and told her what happened and she told me to go over and have dad take us to a the 'chung yi' aka chinese sifu. But later on, we realised that they are close on Sunday! So we went to the acupuncture centre at Taman Megah and hubba got a series of chinese traditional treatment; massage, needles, fire in glass cups suction, release of blood clots, massage and needles on the face! *phew* Everything lasted for about less than an hour and the effect? "Immediate relieve!" exclaimed hubba.

I'm not surprise. I totally believe in chinese traditional treatment because you really 'see' it working. After the sifu placed 2 needles at hubba's back, he then swiftly poked a lower nerve behind his knee 'to release the blood clots' he says, and the blood came oozing in BLACK which then gradually turns fresh red and stopped bleeding entirely! I could only gawk.

Daddy ended up getting a chinese massage and his massage took longer than hubba's treatment! While waiting, i was kinda relieved to see hubba smiling again (as he can be really bitchy when he's ill and all). But the discomfort is still there, so he has to constantly do some stretching to loosen up his muscles and nerves, but atleast he can stretch now, compared to much earlier... geezee!

So, it's strictly no chicken, egg, 'luo mi' and everything cold on the menu for the next i don't know how long. He can only sit on solid surface now to make sure he maintains an upright posture too. *sigh* i feel bad for hubba and he's getting depressed because he think it's the age factor. I on the other hand thinks it's just too convenient to blame it on the digits, and so the battle of the nags begins!

Happy Sunday, bah!

Friday, July 18, 2008

'Quitate los Zapatos' and give it to me!

Everytime i discover beautiful shoes that i have no way of buying or owning them, it makes me wanna throw a fit and roll all over the ground. Yes, a pretty awful sight all for the love of shoes.

Shoe site feature of the day:

-If only i can read Spanish-

or better yet, i hope they realise how much love i have for their 'zapatos' and give me a pair for an effort and attempt to speak Spanish! *and i want this pair please*


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shoeaholic Discovery: Tabi Shoes

If you know how most shoes design have evoluted over the years, you would appreciate the choices we're offered today. And having said that, let me share with you my discovery of a supposedly 'traditional' Japanese footwear - Tabi Shoes by SOU.SOU!

I'm guessing many of you are going: "Chehh... copy Nike's Air Rift wan..."

Alu Pink & Net Nike Air Rift

Well, i'm afraid you're wrong. The Tabi shoes have existed for the longest time amongst the Japanese construction workers.
(Yes, it's a Japanese version of Phua Chu Kang boots.)

And SOUSOU (claimed to be the only Tabi shoes manufacturer in Japan) has decided to give their traditional footwear a twist of fashionable modernisation without defeating it's purpose of grip and comfort.
Kid’s “Crosses” Tabi Shoes

Style & Comfort in one? I never thought it's possible. And this case, i'm gonna give the Tabi a 7/10 for the cheerfully coloured cow hooves.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Love

"When Tuesdays sucks, ogle at shoes."

Ahn-nyong-ha-se-yo! Shoeaholic's shoe site feature of the week:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's hard to say Goodbye

I finally sent my 'Min Pau' car off to the 2nd hand car sales dealer yesterday *sob* I never really expect my heart to be this broken having to trade my car for a new one. As i was leaving the place, i caught a final glimpse of it parked at the side of the road, and i can feel one part of myself being torn away *tears*

Hubba was teasing me crazy about how i always get so attached to 'things' and i have to learn to 'let go' because it is all part of life. 'But it was my first car...' i whimpered ;(

5 years ago, mom talked (forced) me into getting my own car because she doesn't want me to hog onto her car. I was pretty reluctant because i was earning peanuts (still am, only my peanuts have become cashew nuts now) and i really HATE driving in Malaysia because Malaysians are generally bitchy drivers and one can just die while trying to get a parking.

Nevertheless, i still got myself a car, bought with my own hard earned money and i loved it to bits because it was my 'perfect' little 'min pau' (bread) car. Not because i had to eat bread to support it (lol) but because it does look like a loaf of bread! XD And it's been a full 5 years of togetherness. Anyway... before i bid her final farewell, i made sure i had memories of her from all angle...

Unusually empty. On my way to send her away...

Everything i will miss about her...
From feeding her to taking a sneak peek from the outside to check if i've locked her up safely...

The paper work to transfer the car ownership, and new paper work for my new partner in crime (coming soon).

And whenever i see a loaf of bread now, my heart will ache a little.

*sob* i miss you 'min pau'...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Random Love

"If i wasn't born a girl, i would probably be a cross dresser"

I forgot how i stumbled upon this site but golly me! I'm loving every sight of it!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Buried Deep

One real big clutter on my desk,
Tonnes of work to be marked and reviewed,
Tonnes of paper work & emails to follow up,
A few problematic techy stuff to debug,
A few throat clenching project deadlines,
One stinking mess to clean up (make that TWO!)...

...and i ended up doodling

*sigh* somebody, take me shopping! :(

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


From me to Gladi-fugly-ators sandals!

Besides the Spice Girls ceiling high platforms and those awful rubbery CROCS sandals, i have found yet another addition to my 'WTF is that?!' shoe list that broke all the rules of shoe dressing- GLADIATORS sandals *urgh*

But that's JUST me!

Who am i to say it's fashionably wrong, right? I'm sure everything fugly can work out fashionably one way or the other (depends on who's wearing it of course!) For some reason, they don't seem to be that much of an eye sore on...

Love how it isn't as strappy as the typical fugliators

Sienna Miller
Perfect height, not over done and the gold goes so well with her hair and skin!

Nicky Hilton
Wearing the sandals instead of letting them wear her!

BUT Definitely NOT:

Miley Cyrus
Can't sing, and can't dress too! See how distorted her ankles are! Eww...

Ashley Olsen
I feel like tearing her i mean those shoes up!

And of course, the trend caught on in Malaysia too (the wannabe PVC way). Already the style is killing me, but the sight of chubby stout asian legs squeezing into those overly strappy pvc flats is plain PAIN! No offense to chubby legs, i don't fair better myself! That's why i avoid flats whenever possible and i STAY away from strappy stuff that further highlights the chunks! And unless your legs are long or slender enough to extend the heaven's gate, one should probably just lay off those strappy monsters!

Err... i seriously hope not. But nothing surprises me anymore Mr Maximus!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fashion 'Slaves'

I think no one really deserves to be called fashionable unless they truly know what they are wearing. And i wasn't really referring to the knowledge of trend, quality or price. Instead, i was referring to the awareness of knowing who made that piece of garment we're flaunting on our naked bod.

Why bother one might ask. Here's why:

Sweatshop Slavery

Sweatshop is the term used to describe a work place that violates labor laws such as using child labour, placing their workers under horrible working conditions, sub-minimum wages, no benefits, non-payment of wages, forced overtime, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, corporal punishment, and illegal firings.

Brands caught guilty:
Forever 21
J.C. Penney
Abercrombie & Fitch and so many more.

Makes one wonder how much these brand monsters make when the cost to make them costs as much as a packet of flour. It disgusts me to the max knowing the reason why some countries will always be richer while wearing something made of others painful sweat and blood

On Child Labour
Many of us are still unaware of the seriousness of child labour because we often see this in Malaysia too. But how far is too far when it comes to using a child to work? Most of us probably grew up 'helping out' with family businesses. But in this generation i strongly believe that children cannot be deprived of childhood experiences, education and knowledge because this is all they have to guarantee them a place and better future in the society. And parents should STOP having the mentality that making their children work is a convenient form of child discipline.

One may think, there's really nothing they can do to curb this issue. I on the other hand feels otherwise. If those brands can make you pay for something made by slaves, then you are no different from an ignorant idiot.

Bear in mind, we weren't born to be poor or rich. But were often manipulated to be either one. One's riches is most likely made by someone poorer but that is not an excuse to take advantage. As fellow consumers, i strongly urge everyone to play their part by knowing the brands they are buying from because being ignorant just might put blood on your hands.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Birthday Cake for a Birthday Boy

aOkay, another turns another year older and this time it's our little boy - Mafex saying hello to ONLY 23!!! (bloody hell...) Anyway... here are some photos of our little advance celebration yesterday along with my very successful moist chocolate ganache cake~ Yummy, yum, yum~~

It's amazing what chocolate can do to people...


Friday, July 04, 2008

Excuse me while i let it all out!!!

Had enough of taking it all in and pretending to be all gracious and calm. I am so damn inspired in this next post because as the day pass, i'm starting to believe that Malaysia is highly populated by Ass-Wipes. No, i'm serious. You see, the Malaysian government couldn't proof my point better. Am so freggin' sick of reading all the sick dark corruptions. I really hope Armageddon happens right now and send them all straight to Lucifer's asshole!

Talking about assholes, i had the most incredible encounter with one while i was on my way to pay for my groceries at Tesco Damansara. I was walking ahead of hubba who's pushing the trolley through the crowd and all the while i thought he was right behind me when i chose a lane to pay. As i turned to pull the trolley closer to me, i got a shock to find my hubba turned into a short, stout starting to bald, chipmunk looking dude. I quickly apologised and signalled my hubba who was right behind him to come over. And guess what? The FAT ASS HOLE gave me a fucking diva look and blocked my hubba's way!!!

Me: "Can you please MOVE aside?"
Ass-Wipe squealed back: "How can like that?"
Me: "What do you mean?" Can't you see i was here first???"
Ass-Wipe: Still staring and refuse to move his fat lard ass and beside him was his totally clueless wife!

Ohhh boyyyy... i was all ready to put up a bitch fight with his asswipe when all of the sudden, a Tesco staff quickly came to us and direct us to another available lane. I must say Tesco did a really good job in preventing a bloody massacre.

And my final message to that FUCKING FAT RETARD:

"I can only wish hard enough that you are reading this. If the Tesco staff didn't come in time to save your FAT ASS, you would have wished your MOTHER taught you some effin' manners! I hope you get uglier and more botak by the second and i hope your wife sleeps around and give you STD's!!! If you have kids, i hope they throw you in the old folks home and let your rot there!!!"

*takes a deep breath*

Okay, since i am in such a bitchy mood, let's take it all the way. I'm don't care who i will offend on this note and i am standing firm with the fact that i so totally despise people who 'flirts' ONLINE!!! Especially those WOMEN with her stupid Estee Lauder make-over profile photo and then randomly sends messages to people's HUSBANDS with this: "Just drop to say HI :) *blow kisses*"

*Is that a slut or is that a SLUT???*

Try SAY HI to THIS lahhh!!!

I wish i can be as forward as XiaXue in naming NAMES and posting photos!!! I won't be surprise that ONE DAY, JUST ONE FINNNNEEEE DAY i will be DOWN right mean with my posts and reveal that ONLINE slut here!!!! JUST PUSH THE RIGHT BUTTON!!! I AM WAITING!!!

Phew!!!! Feels so damn good to be back writing like this!!! I know i have been keeping things above the belt lately because i have been rather self conscious about the kind of readers i am getting! MY STUDENTS!!! Arrrghhhh... but i can't take it anymore lah! Having the love for shoes doesn't necessary deem me as that fun loving soft spoken chick people stereotype me to be! I am still fun loving lah, but i can really bite when my feather is ruffled. I miss my witty -i-don't-give-a-rat's-ass-self and all those self-filteration blogging is giving me an expression block, which gradually leads me to mind desaturation and then OLD AGE.

An no, i am not ashame to be found cursing like that. I stop my car for opposite traffic and crossing pedestrians, i say my thank you's to waiters or sales people who serves me, i have returned lost wallet with money still in it, i acknowledge the tiniest effort, so whats the biggy? i just don't keep my frustrations to myself very well but who needs to know anyway.

I blog therefore i bitch (too). And oh, i just thought of a bloody witty line:

"Online Flirting is the SAME as F*****g a Sock!"

Reference Site of the Day

"In need of ideas
In need of inspiration"