Sunday, June 22, 2008

Something to blog about

"I think too much and write too little..."

I sat down a couple of days ago and began ranting about my recent happenings, then i realised, shoots, why am i 'blog-plaining' again. No one needs to know that Hong Leong Bank's customer service SUCKS a million gazillion times *still feeling hostile*

So what else is new. I am actively car pooling with my colleague ever since the petrol hike. Definitely prevents a 'blistered sore purse' and my journey to work is filled with girlie gossips and babbling not to mention environmental friendly too. And when i am not the one driving, i can actually read the morning papers! How about that! *Heh*

And then lately, i did some self evaluation, you know, one of those 'What can i do more with my life'? Cause someone stirred me up by asking why i am not doing more with my handi skills. I wonder the same thing too. I have all these ideas and dreams *in my head* but when i snap out of it, it's time for class, time to do something, time to be somewhere, but never that time to make my dreams happen. Oh, it's not that i don't like what i am doing now. Infact, i couldn't really see myself doing anything else beside being around the young and creatively hungry dudes and dudettes. I don't have to say i miss college life, because i am 'still' technically in it! And seeing results in the other person is so much more fulfilling than meeting deadlines for fickle cocky clients *bleh*

Okay, snapping out of it. Time for some shoes feature. I found this from Shoes,Shoes,Shoes and am so-so I N L O V E with them!

Ruffled T-Bar Suede Stiletto
RM (i can only imagine)
Just some eye-candy, am laying low on shoe shopping (just for this month) because hubba's giving me 'the look' already. My shoe cabinet can hardly close now; shoe organisation *still pending* A friend gave me a really nice idea, she told me to catalogue all my shoes so i can keep tag of them from an album. And when they are worn out to shoe heaven, i'll still have 'memories' of them!

And there's the DIY Louboutin Anemone project i promise to share and still have yet got the chance to put my finger on *hides my face* So sorry my fellow Shoeaholic ladies, i will get right to it asap, just that I'm tied down a million of excuses! Hurhurhur...

Meanwhile, i'm ubber excited to share with everyone of my last Saturday's wedding gown hunt for 2 of my friends who'll be getting hitched early next year.

Being the *ahem* 'experienced' ones Ah Ni and i took them for gown trying at White & Lacy and Neoromantic Bride. We made them try on EVERYTHING whether they like it or not to find the perfect silhouette and i'm quite sure we're so 'jelat' in the end of the day. But hey, who could resist a blushing bride and Pauline told me that she finally found the french tulle i've been looking for and she's willing to give it to me for free! *woohoo!* and Erin the owner of Neoromantic bridal shop too said she can get me some french tulle material for free if we do end up buying the gowns from her! *double woohoo!!!*

Oh.. brides to be out there... if you're looking into buying BRAND NEW Affordable High Quality Made to fit designer inspired wedding gowns, please check out Neoromantic! You won't regret it i promise you! ;) Meanwhile, here are some snapshots of the wedding gown frenzy!


Aschafava said...

When I saw that photo with big smiles and the wedding gowns, I feel all nostalgic... and my wedding was less than a year ago! Hahahaha... Anyway, yeah, it was fun trying out all the different fancy white dresses! :D
And by the way... the bag is ever so cute! :)

Shoeaholic said...

Oh yes, i know what you mean ;) i truly envy my friends now cos they have so much to choose from compared to me (3 yrs back!) With much more affordable prices too i might add!

Oh the bag? I got it from Bangkok last year for only RM18!! Can you believe it?! And i only bought 2 different designs! *sigh*

Jill said...

the shoe looks like the one carrie bradshaw wore in SATC but the shoe is black and the ruffles are hot pink ! cutieee ! XD