Monday, June 30, 2008

Warning: Taggin' Ahead!

Read at your own risk peeps! For you could be next to confess! ;)

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?

Emotional reaction: Breakdown, cry and ask myself what did i do to deserve this.
Physical reaction: Trash something in front of me.
Instinctive reaction: Call 'Oe'

2. Are you contented with life now?
I don't mind dying anytime soon. So yeah, i guess i am.

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
SO many, but i wouldn't name names. They know who they are cause they can see my face when i am about to kick their lazy butts! *evil grin*

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
Pay off ALL my loans and debts. Sell off my condo, buy myself all the Manolo's and Louboutin's i want! See the world, then drop by Japan to see Chiewli, then fly off to Hawaii and live there for good!

5. What's your ideal lover like?
Anyone loyal and true to me would be ideal enough.

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
Being loved of course!

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
As long as i live.

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
Move on lor, what to do?

9. Is there anything that has made you extremely happy?
Surprises from friends and loved ones ;)

10. What takes you down the fastest?
Hearing people say mean things about me.

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
Older but still as vain. Probably with a kid or lot's of dogs. Doing my own business and probably still teaching at the same time.

12. Who is currently the most important people to you?
My mom and dad.

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
Smart and sensitive? I don't really know him ;)

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
Single and Rich - don't ask me why.

15. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
Stretch and do a mental run through of my day's schedule.

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
Emotional support - Yes.
Pledge of loyalty - Yes.
Monetary contribution - Yes.
Live with my inlaws - NO.

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
The one my family and friends like best, since i can't decide! ;)

18. What type of people do you hate?
Arrogant, self centered, stuck up people.

19. List 5 people to tag:
All the people on my list lah...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another Step Closer

Tomorrow marks an exact 2 months count down to my Mission Kinabalu and i will be scaling Gunung Nuang once again to see if my past couple of months of 'pretty' diligent training pays off. Hubba bought me a pair of Columbia cause he felt my gray pink New Balance isn't 'serious' enough! Whatever that means... >_<

Pretty traumatized by the 1st Nuang experience, my hiking clan made sure we got all the right stuff we needed this time; hiking pole, energy bars, re-hydrating salt and even a pack of Epsom Salt to dip off all that post hiking muscle to bone sore so i don't end up crawling to work on Monday *worried* One thing though, i didn't really expect myself to actually look forward to anymore hiking trips after my near death experience at Nuang, okay... over exaggerated a little, but i will never forget that painful 6 hours of going up only to fail and come back down. Hungry, tired and sore, i was pretty sure to call off KK but i know i needed this. To break free from that ghost inside me that fears too much and live too little.

I realised that when we're all caught unexpectedly in any situation, we will for some reason gather enough or be given courage to overcome our fear and phobia without much hesitance. Like when i found myself crossing a gushing river on a 'bridge' made of 2 floating bamboo tied together. I couldn't even cross a wooden platform over a drain before this! But what i gained most out of my hiking training is non other than the mental and spiritual endurance. As i question why i put myself through such pain, He was gracious enough to ask me put myself in the shoes of the less fortunate instead; walking barefooted without knowing the time nor promise of food or destination. From there on, every hike of mine became a spiritual and mental conquest.

Someone once told me that after conquering KK, one will truly believe that nothing is impossible. I think i'm beginning to understand what that means now :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are you actually reading this blog?

When i started blogging a couple of years ago, i thought i could use some sort of outlet for random expressions and rantings. Sometimes, i just want to let it all out and that's all. Nothing more and nothing less, no need shoulders to cry on or pat in the back either. But no matter how personal i try to get with my posts, i could never bring myself to stick to only one topic or go into personal details of my life because, blogs are after all meant to be public (or not), and i am not exactly an open book no matter what and i have a list of stuff i won't blog about:
  • I won't blog in attempt to defame or piss someone off because i like to piss them off - in person - verbally - in style.
  • I also won't blog about things i dislike in people, because that would be gossiping and gossips are meant to be 'live', interactive, spontaneous and then disperse in air.
  • I won't blog to react about the malicious comments and unpleasant accusation i sometimes discovered others say/blog about me, because i wasn't suppose to know it anyway *laughs*
  • I won't blog to please.
Pretty boring right? My main purpose of blogging is mainly for winding myself down and occasionally jot down wacky details, disovery and happenings in my life and seek meanings and signs of God from them. In other words, it's all light hearted personal pleasure and hopefully entertaining or inspirational to some. And since we're all into this, why not share right? I won't deny the fact that reading/snooping on others are fun cause it fulfills our curiosity towards the stuff we often wonder about others; say, being rich, beautiful and popular?

Admit it, we would then use all these stuff we read to judge others and 'pretend' that we actually know them. Okay, maybe not everyone. But the fact that we never really went through any blogging etiquettes and because the web practices the freedom of expression (well almost), it's really not up to one's control as to what one might suddenly read about themselves.

As far as my blogging days will go, i will keep it real and surely continue to share more of my love and hate for shoes and those pebbles that gets on my nerves every now and then ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blending in the Past

I was doing my random blog hopping checking to see what my kids are up to and how many more discovered the shoe fetish that i am *blinks* And i found this really funky link from one of my student, Chimge's Blog (for some reason i always feel like calling her 'Nutmeg' *heh*)

It actually turns the photo you upload through the site into a really seasoned antique looking pic! And i was just about to cover a similar trick in class next week! Ohhh... the speed of high tech web features *sweats* So, i decided to humor myself by uploading my companies 70's themed annual dinner photos and the results gave me goosebumps...

I should be old and crinkly by now...

When noodles only costs 10 cents...

and Lake Garden is still a dating hot spot

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Something to blog about

"I think too much and write too little..."

I sat down a couple of days ago and began ranting about my recent happenings, then i realised, shoots, why am i 'blog-plaining' again. No one needs to know that Hong Leong Bank's customer service SUCKS a million gazillion times *still feeling hostile*

So what else is new. I am actively car pooling with my colleague ever since the petrol hike. Definitely prevents a 'blistered sore purse' and my journey to work is filled with girlie gossips and babbling not to mention environmental friendly too. And when i am not the one driving, i can actually read the morning papers! How about that! *Heh*

And then lately, i did some self evaluation, you know, one of those 'What can i do more with my life'? Cause someone stirred me up by asking why i am not doing more with my handi skills. I wonder the same thing too. I have all these ideas and dreams *in my head* but when i snap out of it, it's time for class, time to do something, time to be somewhere, but never that time to make my dreams happen. Oh, it's not that i don't like what i am doing now. Infact, i couldn't really see myself doing anything else beside being around the young and creatively hungry dudes and dudettes. I don't have to say i miss college life, because i am 'still' technically in it! And seeing results in the other person is so much more fulfilling than meeting deadlines for fickle cocky clients *bleh*

Okay, snapping out of it. Time for some shoes feature. I found this from Shoes,Shoes,Shoes and am so-so I N L O V E with them!

Ruffled T-Bar Suede Stiletto
RM (i can only imagine)
Just some eye-candy, am laying low on shoe shopping (just for this month) because hubba's giving me 'the look' already. My shoe cabinet can hardly close now; shoe organisation *still pending* A friend gave me a really nice idea, she told me to catalogue all my shoes so i can keep tag of them from an album. And when they are worn out to shoe heaven, i'll still have 'memories' of them!

And there's the DIY Louboutin Anemone project i promise to share and still have yet got the chance to put my finger on *hides my face* So sorry my fellow Shoeaholic ladies, i will get right to it asap, just that I'm tied down a million of excuses! Hurhurhur...

Meanwhile, i'm ubber excited to share with everyone of my last Saturday's wedding gown hunt for 2 of my friends who'll be getting hitched early next year.

Being the *ahem* 'experienced' ones Ah Ni and i took them for gown trying at White & Lacy and Neoromantic Bride. We made them try on EVERYTHING whether they like it or not to find the perfect silhouette and i'm quite sure we're so 'jelat' in the end of the day. But hey, who could resist a blushing bride and Pauline told me that she finally found the french tulle i've been looking for and she's willing to give it to me for free! *woohoo!* and Erin the owner of Neoromantic bridal shop too said she can get me some french tulle material for free if we do end up buying the gowns from her! *double woohoo!!!*

Oh.. brides to be out there... if you're looking into buying BRAND NEW Affordable High Quality Made to fit designer inspired wedding gowns, please check out Neoromantic! You won't regret it i promise you! ;) Meanwhile, here are some snapshots of the wedding gown frenzy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Greener on the other side?

Am wishing to be chilling under the sun, by the beach, on some fresh soft grass, a nice cold ice tea, a book... nothing else.

I got a little too desperate i guess...

You know how they say the grass is always greener on the other side. And for some reason, i believe you are having a better time than me, so whoever and wherever you are, i want you to do me a favor.

Send me photos of you standing on some REAL Grass
I guess FAKE grass or any green thing like carpet will do too!
(Foot+shoes+grass only)

And attach the following info:
1. Title of photo: (ie. Summer's here)
2. Your name/nickname: (ie. Jo)
3. Your Location: (ie. PJ, Malaysia)
4. I wish: (ie. To own all the Manolo's in the world!)

Email to:
(no spam mail please)

There's no closing date, and i haven't got any prizes to give away (yet). But i will surely feature all the photos you guys send to me along with your "I wish..."

Looking forward to see the greener grass on the other side! :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The week that was...

BBQ Party @ my Pad
Back upon much request! The last time i did a BBQ was about 2 years ago and this time we did it again- FULL fledge! Tonnes of booze and food! All skewed and ready to sizzle at the burnin' charcoal right away! Note to self: Must do BBQ mushrooms again! Absolutely yummylicious!

Vincey turns 2-8! Woohoo!
I baked her birthday cupcakes this year and they turned out nicely ;)
Hope you like it girl!

Fabulous Birthday Pressie from Crystal (again)!
Every time Crystal and i get together, it's like Christmas! (she's an air stewardess for MAS) She got this for me from her recent trip to NY and told me to enjoy it cause it's only just this ONCE! Hahaha!!! Thhhankkkchuuuuuuu again!!!! xoxo!!!

Unforgettable Birthday Pressie to & from Vincey!
I've been meaning to get this Watson brand foot spa thingy for the longest time. When Vincey and i saw it at the Watson store selling for RM79.90 recently, we patiently waited for the sales and it's price to drop cause we KNOW it will! And by miracle, it DID! They hung up a RM49.90 tag and we cheerfully went back to get it the day before Vincey's birthday. And then the darndest thing happened when we went to pay...

Cashier: "That will be RM19.90 each ma'am :)"

Vincey & Me: "HAR? :0"

Cashier: "Yes, it's on discount, RM19.90 after reduction :))"

Vincey & Me: "HAR??? ;O"

We were so strucked by surprise that it took us another 5 minutes to register and SCREEECHHH in awe for our great buy! So we treated that as our birthday pressie for each other and planned to go back and grab a couple more for friends and family. But guess what? When we went back the next day, they said there was a mistake in the price and it was infact RM49.90!!! Oh well, at least we got away with it! :D

I turned 2-8!
And i don't a day over 21 *muahahahaha* pretty nauseating i know *bleh* Thank you so much for all the messages and memories once again ;)

RIP ChooChoo

On 31st May morning, ChooChoo passed on. Having seen him catching his breath for a couple of weeks and hanging on for almost too long, i knew it's just a matter of time he is gonna bid his brother and us farewell. And he went off quietly, in his sleep at one corner of his den.

He along with his brother has been the longest living hamsters hubba and i have ever had, 2 more months to a full 3 years! So we're in a way content to know that he left with a full hammie life. They are also the only hamsters that holds a policy of strictly no touching or grabbing! But i would still grab them to do mini head rubs and tummy scratches irregardless of their objective squeals!

What i will miss most dearly about them was observing their love and hate for each other. Just like humans, they have their differences at times and would kick each other's asses...

*wraghhh* i was here first!

*hrmph* down you go!

Despite the harmless squabbles and squeals like force grab each other's heads to groom, sleep on top of one another and try steal food from each other's pouch, they always end up together in peace and much brotherly love. So it kills me to see how lonely his brother is right now... :(

I'm pretty sure that ChooChoo is in hammie heaven now with the rest of his 'family' and i will forever cherish those sweet memories he has left us...

Friday, June 06, 2008


I *Heart* you!!

I am rarely a fan of white shoes as they can be pretty 'nurse-y' or 'bride-ish' looking... But one can go no wrong with this ChloƩ Patent leather sandals!

I LuRRRveee the sleek cone heels and fashionable high street Carrie Bradshaw look to it! So feminine yet so sharp! Words cannot possibly describe my sheer admiration and desire at this moment, am pretty determined to hunt down it's replica! *fingers crossed*

Thank you!

For all the heart warming gestures, thoughts and wishes ;)My birthday card from friends cum co-workers
Illustrations by Susu

In need of beauty sleep - More updates soon ;)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

1 year older, 40% poorer - all by midnight!

It's 8.20pm now and i am sitting in the office-alone, with nothing much to do but pray that the massive traffic jam will subside as time pass; no thanks for the heavy rain just hours ago. At this moment, i am trying to embrace my pre-birthday wish from the Prime Minister of Malaysia - Abdullah Badawi:

*middle finger urging to erect*

Sigh, what can i say except for the fact that Malaysians in general will be 40% poorer from midnight onwards. Since i can't do anything but to blitch (blog+bitch) now, i might as well blitch all the way! I know nuts about the depths of politics, i know ciku fetch about our countries economics. I only know that our government takes too much but gives back TOO LITTLE. Nothing more, nothing less. Anyways...

My co-workers are already discussing about car-pooling and ways to minimize our expenses. I got a little worried when they asked me how many my car can fit.


Monday, June 02, 2008

A Case of Utter Bad Taste!

I don't acknowledge myself as a qualified writer, neither am i trying to teach anyone how to write here. As a reader; especially the newspapers, i sometimes shake my head at the extreme poor taste of writing by our local journalists, especially with SEXUAL criminal reports!

It can get so bad to a point whereby they seem to have ran out of vocabularies to report a 'challenging' content. If you don't know what i am talking about, read the following article from The Star. It's so bad that i don't even want to have it on my blog!

To Royce Cheah:

Why can't you just describe that the woman was "Sexually Assaulted" and THAT'S IT? Why the extreme details? Was it even important? What is The Star trying to prove here? Why can't we get such details with the politics?

If this is the standard of journalism, then every idiot can be one! Please read up more books and buck up your sentences construction. The least you can do is learn to filter SEXUAL content from a PUBLIC MEDIA and GIVE your readers some RESPECT!