Thursday, April 24, 2008

Will i see you there?

I know i will! In fact, i will be conducting a workshop on Icons Design on two days and feature some of my students fabulous work. If you want an insight on Multimedia Design and the rest of the design major, this exhibition will be a really good time for you to experience it at absolutely NO cost! So, if u're a fresh school leaver thinking about selling your soul to design, please come. If you're a non designer college student who regretted taking whatever course you took, not too late to change your career path, please come. If you are like me, cannot stand routine lifestyle and cannot see your future in some mundane job, please come.

Psst... i've got some dooodies goodies to give out for floor participation *go figure* So, hope to see you there! :)


orilia said...

aww...too bad i cant go. wont be back in sunway yet. D=

Have fun! =D

Grace said...

Do you have more pictures of those Louboutin anemone shoes you tried to design yourself? Wow! You are so talented! I wonder if you would mind making a pair for me or selling that pair...if you are a size 7 that is! :D

Shoeaholic said...

Orilia - Wah, u're really bumming to the max eh? Wats yummy at your hometown ah? *mouth itching* heh!

Grace - Hey, thanks! I'm so flattered! Haha!! Unfortunately, i'm a size 5. But i just might make the bows for sale since i've been getting quite abit of demands. Promise to post more pics soon! ;)

Grace said...

Do do make bows for sale pleaaase! It would be wonderful if you could do them in other colours too :D