Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This is how i feel/look like now!

Just moments ago i got ticked off a big fat time at Guardian pharmacy @ Centrepoint because a bloody dickoheado cut my que right at the cashier! The cashier instinctively looked at me and i GLARED at her as if to dare her to TRY ignore me, and SHE DID! She punched the items belonging to that cut-que-jerk and I STOMPED right in front beside the jerk and raised my voice at the cashier:


*my very big angry eyes glaring at her, then turn to glare at the ignorant JERK*

*she looks at me helplessly as if a gun was pointing at her head and proceeded to ignore me*

Unbelievable! I don't know how why these people have so much difficulty judging between what's right and wrong in serving their customers! It's not hawker centre you know! It's a freggin' family store for God's sake!

I was so boiling mad that i feel my ears steaming up!!! Though i was on the verge of throwing an ugly fit, I reminded myself that it wiser (& classier) to say only what's needed to be said and keep those that involves obscenity to the attic.

*... sorry ye ...* the cashier squeeks after the fugly jerk left.


Here's your change... thank you, please come agai~~ (fades off literally)


Mission: Reorganise!

My inspiring mess:

Ribbons (lots of 'em!)
Knitting Yarn
Fabrics and trinkets
Buttons, beads and pins
Tapes and wires

Mission Accomplish!

I am terrible at maintaining neatness, especially when it comes to my stuff. I like them the way i left them because i will how i call it; 'follow up'. But my mother often calls this practice of mine; 'No Head nor Tail'. It's only a matter time i flip this all out and all over again because if things were to look this organise all the time, i might as well just be an accountant! :p

Sunday, April 27, 2008

For Grace :)

I'm sorry i still haven't found time to post the DIY process of my CL's anemone bows. I will do it really soon as i'll be laying off from work for a couple of days starting from 1st of May! *Wheeee*

Until then, here are some more closer views of my project as requested. I've had this pair of shoes for the longest time; 5 years? Got them from a shoe sale basket for merely rm24 and have worn them for only ONCE and yesterday was my second; along with my BOWS. I must say that it was a real attention grabber, the good or bad way, i really don't know cause some people actually find the bows a little too big! Well, i guess not everyone's a flaunt like me ;)

I am not a florist...

Just a hopeless romantic...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Will i see you there?

I know i will! In fact, i will be conducting a workshop on Icons Design on two days and feature some of my students fabulous work. If you want an insight on Multimedia Design and the rest of the design major, this exhibition will be a really good time for you to experience it at absolutely NO cost! So, if u're a fresh school leaver thinking about selling your soul to design, please come. If you're a non designer college student who regretted taking whatever course you took, not too late to change your career path, please come. If you are like me, cannot stand routine lifestyle and cannot see your future in some mundane job, please come.

Psst... i've got some dooodies goodies to give out for floor participation *go figure* So, hope to see you there! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So it's Earth Day

Today, i was asked to REDO my whole set of paperwork just because i had them printed on BOTH sides of the paper.

Before i went straight to my 'BF' mode (aka Bitch-Fit), i took a few deep breath and evaluated the reasons WHY one must require it to be printed on only ONE side. I couldn't think of any mainly because;
  1. It's not even a formal document which usually requires specific printing requirements.
  2. The paper work i submitted was meant to be retyped and transfered into digital data.
  3. The original copy was meant for filing, and no matter how you choose to file it, both sides are still visible!
  4. The 2nd side consists of only TWO miserable lines!

"Use the copier and make copies of the other side if you really can't stand it that much."

We want only ORIGINAL copies.

"Yeah... if you make copies from the ORIGINAL copies, it is still ORIGINAL right?"

We want ORIGINAL copies with hand written ink and not the copier ink.

*stares at wall contemplating suicide*

If i were to redo the entire set, i would have wasted all 10 sheets of paper used earlier. And in fulfilling the so called one sided printing, i will need to double up my paper usage to 20 sheets only to be used for filing purposes.

Though this is not the first i have encountered such ignorant beings, so tied up with regulations that they lost all ability to have some common sense and compassion for the environment. And of all the days, this person had to choose Earth Day to pick on such issues. It made me wonder, just what sort of change can i make IF i were to do it alone. To what extreme only then will we all act together to save this dying earth.

I don't know about you. But i did what i could and am reducing the usage of plastics by shopping with my own shopping bags. I am also divide my junk according to materials so the trash collector can easily pick out what's recyclable, and YES, they do that because it gives them extra cash while we're all too precious to not bother that few ringgit and cents.

Think about it, it's not about the money, it's about a simple effort in making sure that our future don't have to live in space suits and portable oxygen tanks. Okay, maybe i am over exaggerating here. People won't live in space suits, they will only die sooner from natural disasters and non curable diseases. How about that?

If you haven't seen 'The Inconvenient Truth' yet, do so now. Al Gore is officially my new idol next to Michael Moore.

P/S: Everyday should be Earthday

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Here's a really funny story!

Okay, i know i haven't been blogging consistently, but trust me i have a list of back dated stuff i really wanted to share with ya'll. The process of my DIY anemone Louboutin is one of them, not to mention that successful butter cream prawns recipe i discovered!

Anywaysss... let's all get together now for something really funny i am about to share. I'm sure more than half of you guys out there has or had been partially absorbed with FACEBOOK.
Yeah, don't you deny now... that Hatching Gifts, POKE, Hugs and of course that Friends for Sale application! For some strange reason, people actually takes these stuff so seriously that they forget that it's only the "cyber-world lah...".

So this is what happened. I got 'infected' by this app when i was 'bought' by my friend Joey. So i randomly bought other peeps and surprisingly, it caused other responses and friends of friends started 'buying' away my friends; thus jacking their prices and at the same time giving me extra income to compete the buying rate.

SO... the story started when this dude.. let's just call him "Mr.A" wouldn't give up buying one specific pet of mine. The fascinating part was, he would do it almost immediately after i buy my pet back. It's as though his job is to log onto Facebook 24/7.

Anyways, we were pretty much at each others neck, buying this 'pet' back and forth. I enjoy seeing how quick and swift this dude response. But then... one fine day this old jerk bought me!
Suddenly i visualized a scene of an elephant saying to me: "I got the biggest ears, trunk and mind you, check out my BIG-ASS willy too!!! Now whoooo'ssss the mannnn!!!!!"

So, i quickly messaged Joey to get me back cause this dude is bring a prick. Then, more drama unfolds... this dude started 'fighting' with Joey with his so called smart alleck philosophy lines. I can only imagine Joey going *ULTRA ROLLEYES* and then politely told him to screw his attempt-to-reverse-psycho-me lines. So when we thought we've dump that loser aside, this dude suddenly shows up on my message box with this exact message:

"This game is for everyone in the community, if you don't like it then don't play it"

And then, seconds later another message followed:

"And also, don't call people names, it's f*****g rude. Have some manners!"

If there's a virtual gun gift, he'd probably sent it to me through Hatching Eggs, Growing Gifts, Snow Globes and etc. Alright, so i admit i may have a history of making boys cry. But full grown partially balding men, this is my first. I can only imagine Mr.A fuming red til his shiny head almost explodes over a virtual feud in "Friends for Sale!' that only he himself is involved.

So i went to make myself a cup of coffee, chat with some friends and proceeds to reply him with this:

Dear A*****,
Why are you getting all worked up over an online app? I can tell my friends whatever i like, at least i don't go around using the F word on people's message box. Learn some manners yourself.

Well, as expected Mr.A replied immediately but i only saw the message hours later because i have a life (unlike some people~) This time he said:

Alright, i apologise. But you called me a Prick and PIA first. (Wonders what PIA means and quickly opens my conversation box of myself with Joey and OHhHHhhh... kononya 'PIA' in Mr.A's dictionary stands for "PAIN IN THE ASS" *faints* from the nerdy jargon) If there's no spark there won't be fire right :) (woke up and *faints* again from his shallow philosophical lines)

I-no-can believe that this partially balding old dude gave me the "You started it first" line. I haven't heard this for the longest time so i will truly cherish this as a part of my life. And for that, it earned a spot in my blog and for as long as the next most interesting encounter comes along. And word of advise to everyone, please don't take these cyber stuff too seriously, it only goes as far as the monitor projections. Otherwise, you will only end up like certain dead beat losers!


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's finally done!

Ladies, I humbly present you my very own Christian Louboutin Anemone Stilettos.

I will be posting the project's 'step by steps' here the soonest possible; been so drowned with work and activities that i can't put a finger to where i should begin blogging, and when i finally do, i lost my sense of expression. Anyways...

*Coming Soon*
My hiking experience at Gunung Nuang