Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My celebrity friends

I was sitting around redundantly one fine day and suddenly had this idea of compiling all my celebrity look-alike friends. I started with one, and then discovered a second, third and *i lost count* Bear in mind that non of them are related in anyway! (unsure about the last one though...)

June VS Amber
Remember this?

Vincey Tan VS Hannah Tan
At a quick glance, you probably can see that uncanny resemblance i saw?

Maylyn VS Nah Youn Sun
When i bought this jazz Korean album, i thought she looks like someone i know until someone exclaimed: Aiyo! Look like Maylyn!

TuckLoong VS Xiao Jing Teng
err, excuse me if i didn't get the singer dudes name right... if only Tuck Loong can sing like him too! :p

ManMeng VS Jay
I wished i have a better ManMeng's-Jay-lookalike photo. But you can roughly imagine that when he opens his eyes, they are as sepet as Jays ;)

Sweii VS Karen
Alright, i think i can leave the photos to speak for themselves here on...

Chienni VS A-Mei
At some angles, the resemblance and stronger...

Su VS Jessica Alba
Asian version! :D

Lilian and Zhang Ziyi
Not bad eh? Keep going...

Kayan VS Gigi
But then again...

Kayan VS Nicollette also can!
They have the SAME hair and lips!

and last but not least....
i bring you my ultimate discovery....


Hasmer VS Emile
I swear i just realised it! And Noooo... i'm not calling anyone a rat now... :p

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And i thought i was Alone...

Before 8.3.08, i was just another random nagging Malaysian, unhappy with how one sided and corrupted this country i shamefully call home.

Like many, it was always a lunch table topic not just amongst one race but from literally every single race too. And like many, i have pretty much accepted my fate as the "2nd class capable citizen who doesn't deserve special treatment from my own country" and planning to leave this dreaded government.

But at times I thought; hmm, maybe it's just me...

Then i started noticing more and more people of my age group, not just voicing out their frustrations but actually taking a simple action to register themselves as legible voters to extend support for a new and better home - Malaysia. They say that it's time and we shouldn't just sit back and just go "What to do..." but actually make our voices be heard. So, every single vote will count and can make the difference.

I thought again; maybe it's just me and handful miserable few who wants a new Malaysia...

When the election day was fast approaching, i look around me and observe how the government desperately tells us more lies and threat the people through the media while suppressing other contesting parties from promoting themselves at all besides simple banners n buntings. But hey, they were naive enough to forget that we no longer depend for news on our local ass kissing channels. We get unlimited dose of reality from the internet whether if its banned interviews, foreign news coverage and political analysts reports, contesting parties blog and videos and the list just goes on and on...

I thought to myself this time; maybe it's just me and coincidentally ANOTHER handful of people who strongly oppose 'verbally' the many redundant projects and actions initiated by the government along with their "commission aka corruption".

On the day of election, i shut my ears out from more attempt influence. I nervously checked myself at the district counter and was given a couple of slips which directs me to a room No.5. It was so silent that i can almost hear my heart beat and that lunch inside my stomach digesting.

I tried to remember the exact steps to cross my preference just so i won't fall under the "Undi Rosak" category. I took my own sweeeet time, even reminiscing a joke my friend made, "Remember to cross the one you SUPPORT! And not the one you DON'T SUPPORT!" So i made the cross to support the change of Malaysia. When i left the tensed room, i felt a breeze of relieve and gladness. After all that bitching, i finally made it official!

As i was leaving the place, i thought to myself; maybe it's just me against that entire neighborhood. It's only my first time voting, just how much change can it really cause to a state that's been that way for so long? Though many said; there won't be much change, but at least let them know there's an attempt to!

So the time came for the results. The TV's report was as slow as ever. I then quickly hopped online after getting news that this election is on it's way to making history for Malaysia. I saw miracle before my very eyes. If i'm to paint a surreal painting, that would be the perfect moment. Everybody was in shocked; the losers and the winners; as we never truly expected the people's unity to be this powerful. Strangely enough, i was so overwhelmed with the results that i actually felt good and proud as a Malaysian. I now can truly say that i have experienced true unity irregardless of race or religion. And all these while, i thought i was alone!

We stood together and made our voices loud and clear on the 8th of March. We had enough of poor leadership and we had enough of racists and threatening remarks made against us. So they say they will "fight back". I would tell them, "Go on, fight all you want, that's what you losers do best: fight, blame and corrupt. We are not afraid of you anymore and we will continue to stand strong to rebuild this country with beginning with Respect and Compassion. If anyone wants to fight, let us remind them this, "Spare yourselves, Kalau tak suka, keluar dari negara ini." sounds familiar? *peace* :p

Friday, March 07, 2008

In a Lunchbox

My mind is a scatter brain right now. So you might find this post to be rather scattered too.

Opening of family cafe at Kelana Business Square and my present for my uncle.

A half way attempt of my very own version of 'Christian Laboutin Anemone' project. More updates available if project is presentable!

My discovery of a megamongous bookstore called 'Big Book Store' at Atria Shopping Centre at D'sara Jaya. All books at extremely LOW LOW LOW prices!

My mundane morning drive to work. At this point, i was imagining/wishing that Winter is approaching.

Hubba-hubba was doing some gardening and opened a packet of soil that we bought a year ago. To our surprise, there were greens already growing inside the completely sealed plastic bag!

Random Doodling. I'm voting for the first time this election and am wondering about the amount of change it will make with my ONE vote.